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Jazz from Riverside Records . Riverside Records was acquired by Concord, as was Prestige Records. The Riverside portfolio was often reissued on Prestige or Concord. Like the other jazz labels, ...
by NCTim
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By now you may have heard that Rep. Ken Calvert, the original author of the E-Verify employment verification system who represents California's 42nd Congressional District, has just been appointed ...
by pipsorcle
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[http://www.turn.org/issues/energy/item/665-public-sounds-off-on-san-onofre-shutdown-costs.html San Diego Electricity Customers Sound Off on San Onofre Shutdown Costs] The thirty-year-old nuclear ...
by mettle fatigue
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Domaine Javier , 25, was a good student in her native Philippines, where she attended Catholic schools. She immigrated to California in 2003. She had been ...
by rserven
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Hello fellow Kossacks and true progressives (I mean this with emphasis), A number of you have paid attention to my reporting of the recent race in California's 49th Congressional District between ...
by pipsorcle
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Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! And, this week California's Inland Empire, consisting of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, issued 'thanks' to PBO and his superhero sidekick, JB. Inre, the vote ...
by BlueBeaumontBoyz
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It's odd that the party that always pretends to be so concerned about voter faud - enough to actively disenfranchise millions of Democratic-leaning voters all around the nation - turns out to be the ...
by Rolandz
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Just received an email about a major update at their web site and this is it: Press Release: http://www.warehouseworkersunited.org/southern-california-warehouse-workers-on-strike/ RIVERSIDE, Calif.
by JayRaye
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Warehouse Workers United begins their 50-mile protest march tomorrow. Their objective is "to urge Walmart to eliminate illegal and inhumane working conditions in its contracted warehouses in ...
by JayRaye
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This is part of a proposal outlining one possible way to redistrict California.
by Inoljt
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Vermont recently passed single payer health care, and in California, our legislature has previously passed a single payer bill known as SB 810, only to have republican governor Arnold Whatshisname ...
by Msongs
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Good evening, (mostly) West Coast Kosters! I just wanted to let you know about some upcoming trips by Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom around California, in case any of you would be interested in ...
by Seneca Doane
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I teach in the Writing Program at the University of California, Riverside. I've taught here since 1999, some of that time as a teaching assistant, and some of that time as a lecturer. I probably ...
by Lasgalen Lothir
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Last night, President Obama addressed the nation on an issue we all know is critically important: making sure every American receives quality, affordable health care. Obama echoed the words of the ...
by Bill Hedrick for Congress
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In my last diary, I discussed a handful of congresscritters who are cozily nestled down in bed with the Scientology organization. And here comes Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone, hoping there'...
by xenubarb
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"The Mormons are Coming, the Jews are coming!" Suppose you read that opponents of same-sex marriage had taken ads in newspapers shouting "The Jews are Coming, the Jews are Coming" to warn people ...
by Awaskow
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I've posted diaries here in the past so you should already know that I'm running again in 2010 but now that it's official, I wanted to post a little more about my background, why I'm running and why ...
by Bill Hedrick for Congress
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I'm excited to announce that my district is one of only six nationwide being targeted by the DCCC in a new series of radio ads being rolled out next week. The ads will target ...
by Bill Hedrick for Congress
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Representative Calvert is back at it - putting politics rather than families first. He had the gall to release a newsletter this week touting the fact that he's once again defied the new ...
by Bill Hedrick for Congress
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The following excerpt from an email is reprinted with permission of the author. "There was a little, but not insignificant, victory play out here in Riverside, California, over the last few days. ...
by TeaTime
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