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The daytime crowd for a townhall here in Kansas can be a rough one. It's normally the die hard Republicans who turn out, giving the party members an audience that goes rah-rah and eats up what they ...
by Chris Reeves
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Or, what can Senator Heidi Heitkamp do for energy on the Agriculture Committee? Senator Heidi Heitkamp finds herself in an excellent position with regard to the creation of a new energy economy. ...
by ABlueKansas
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Given that the Supreme Court has become an embarrassment to the country it is probably time to consider some ways to improve it. Herewith some totally original ideas. Including doing away with ...
by zendogbasso
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I have never forgotten that this is a war, Justice Roberts, a long-standing, calculated war against the middle class and poor.
by artisanrox
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I have a republican relative whom I have text conversations with from time to time. This is a conversation that we had on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 (the day before the ACA decision) and Thursday, ...
by marie10022
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Here’s a passage from Alistair Cooke’s America written some 40 years ago: "The Constitution is what the judges say it is."
 So it is.
 And since a majority of the nine decides everything, ...
by malcolm
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OK. Let's be clear up front that everything I'm about to say will not have even the slightest effect on what passes as "thinking" among the Teabaggers. These are the people who are still demanding ...
by Jeff in Milwaukee
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I found this paragraph in an NPR article very helpful: Roberts said that the government, using its taxing power, could require people to have insurance or pay a penalty. True, he acknowledged, ...
by addikell
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Sorry folks, but what I see is sort of stomach turning, reading so many rushing to praise Roberts here and elsewhere. One real victor here in the short term is the for-profit insurance industry, ...
by shpilk
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So I am the 60 Senator guy. I thought and still think that getting 60 Senators was immensely important because that was the only way you can anything big done in Washington. Yes you need the House ...
by sageman
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There's a great article in today's Slate which warns those who applaud the SCOTUS decision that Chief Justice Roberts has just laid the foundation to gut the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. ...
by Citizen Earth
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In the end the mandate stands because it is a tax not a penalty and the federal government can't withhold all medicaid money from states if they don't expand who they cover under medicaid. But that ...
by wj
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Call it the Travel Call Gambit. The what? Well, you know how NBA refs never call travels? Actually they do. Frequently. They call traveling on guys way out from the basket where the infringement ...
by thresholder
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The four right-wing justices on the U.S. Supreme Court would be as laughable as the Four Marx Brothers if they were not sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court.
by MrTrueLiberal
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The Social Security Administration provides an online “actuarial table,” that is, a death chart, listing the fraction of males and ...
by Dr of Chaos
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If you think Citizens United was bad, just give republicans a chance to pick the next one or more supreme court justices. Handing corporations free reign to manipulate the political system was only ...
by laborlou
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A Gift That Was Not Theirs To Give: I received this email and thought it quite worthy of a pass around. Please help the “People For the American Way” to help undo what the Republican ...
by thinkingblue
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Should progressive bloggers begin routinely referring to the current very conservative, Republican-majority U.S. Supreme Court as the U.$. $upreme Court?
by pasuburbdem1
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Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled a Reagen appointee overturned that hateful garbage on the reasonable basis test. But let's remember a few things about the Roberts Court, the Supreme Court and ...
by angry liberaltarian
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When Roberts and his merry band of judges, were deciding the fate of America in the Citizens United v. FEC case, Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (...
by thinkingblue
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