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About 20 years before there was a Progressive Party in the U.S. -- the Populist Party was all the rage. An Overview of Populism by Charles Postel, San Francisco State University In the early ...
by jamess
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If Corporations are the Answer, Then it must have been a pretty dumb question. Government is not a "necessary evil," Government is simply necessary , to do the things the "free market" will ...
by jamess
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In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson put a comma instead of a period after "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Why does this matter? The comma adds the role of ...
by TheMeansAreTheEnd
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In Maryland (and in many other states) we received a significant amount of snow today. The snow is so deep that there is no way that you could drive on the roads unless they are plowed. Fortunately,
by night cat
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I know there have been a lot of Democrats who have been concerned about the implementation of the ACA. And yes, these Democrats have good reason to be concerned about the impact on the Democratic ...
by night cat
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This morning, President Obama gave the speech of his lifetime, with news coverage to swoon for, all courtesy of the GOP's abortive government shutdown. Thanks to Ted Cruz, ably abetted by the ...
by political junquie
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In Portland Oregon, economic times are hard, elsewhere too I would assume. Good Jobs are hard find. Economic Futures are hard to predict. Sometimes social media support turns against you -- and ...
by jamess
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by jamess
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During a discussion about IRS intrusiveness recently, I choose a moment to turn the conversation to the duty of Citizens to pay their Taxes. That is the price we pay for Society , I said, to some ...
by jamess
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We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and ...
by jamess
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Taxed Enough Already folks sure hate the IRS, because they simply hate Government , because they think helping other people is not something they should have to pay for. It's the principle of the ...
by jamess
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Continuing on a previous theme of mine, here is today's discussion topic, which hopefully you have a few opinions on. "Democrats want Government to run your Life." True, False, It Depends . ...
by jamess
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I had a conversation with a co-worker today, where this topic came up, as an example of "wasteful government spending." This co-worker is a limited government, pro-corporation, let the market decide,
by jamess
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Right wing forces in this country are obsessed with the size of government, but the fundamental debate we should be having is not the size of government but what the goal of government should be: ...
by Michael Lux
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This is, in my opinion, a very important book that ought to be read by everyone. Progressives commonly recognize, as conservatives do not, that there are no really “free” markets. Therefore, ...
by hlsmlane
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As an avid observer of national politics I’ll be honest and admit that President Obama’s last debate performance was nothing short of abysmal. What I find particularly frustrating about Barack ...
by SJGulitti
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I watched the entire debate last night, despite my inclinations to turn it off several times. (I found it very tedious) I am glad I stuck with it until the end, because the moment that made me sit ...
by coquiero
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Or, Regulation = Freer Markets For years, various food companies have been using " castoreum " to flavor ice cream and other foods because of its rich, sensuous, vanilla-like flavor. The problem? ...
by sccline
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The glorious success of the Mars Space Lab mission, with its unsurpassed achievement in engineering, creativity, and efficiency at coordinating thousands of people and hundreds of teams, has created ...
by James Hepburn
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After the cut: a transcript of President Obama's remarks.
by scottbateman
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