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What happens when 2 wingnuts get locked in an echo chamber, and get an hour to "re-invent the world"? Sometimes the darnest things get said ... Rick Santorum Sounds 'Indoctrination' Warning Over ...
by jamess
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George Lakoff is one of my heros. He tells it like it is. He tells the truth as he knows it, whether people listen to him or not. Whether people take the time to heed his advice or not, he just ...
by jamess
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A liberal - Jeffrey Sachs - has just published “The Price of Civilization” in which he calls for more federal government involvement in society to achieve a more equitable economy. I’m not ...
by Just the facts 45
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This was a minor item in the local paper today, and no doubt will go unnoticed by the world at large. A man walked into San Francisco Bay in Alameda Monday, in a mental condition unknown, and waded ...
by TheCrank
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State Senator Reginald Tate (D-Memphis) called for a continued, sustained effort to attract jobs to Tennessee and bring down the state's unemployment rate. Just a few days after automaker ...
by Benintn
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As Paul Krugman identified in his January 14 column, there is a chasm between progressive and conservative views of the role of government —a fundamental, moral split.
by Happy Days
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We don't have FDR, but we still have his words and there is power in these words. There is power in the ideas they carry. There is power in the foundations of our democracy that gives yet-...
by Into The Woods
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The Wonk Room [http://wonkroom.thinkprogress.org/2010/09/15/beck-obesity/ reports] that Glenn Beck is willing to let at least some of his most devoted watchers die. Speaking of Michelle ...
by Thisbe
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That Nobel prize, PhD, and ten patents to his name are hints that Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is beyond ...
by A Siegel
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If you have not been in a coma, you're probably aware that House Energy and Commerce Committee ranking member Joe Barton (R-TX) made a pretty stupid apology to BP CEO Tony Hayward - you know, a ...
by Benintn
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The president vetoed a request by a Virginia-based Episcopal Church to be sanctioned by Congress ...
by occams hatchet
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Cross-posted from dearmrpresident365 . Dear Mr. President, The city of Seattle is contemplating a new law, proposed by one of our more ...
by Augurgirl
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I recently read through some of the Federalist Papers, mainly because I was researching a diary about the history of the Senate. These papers served as an advocacy for a new form of government. ...
by mark louis
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A treatise, upon which the author shockingly agrees with David Brooks (mostly) and uses Homestar Runner as inspiration for his title.
by cabaretic
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A document that outlined the reasons for the dissolution of a puppet government changed the world. It outlined not only the grievances against this puppet government and it's creator, but also what ...
by SgtRocky1
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There is already a great diary up about Jindal's flat out lie of the evils of bureaucrats, but I wanted to look at a ...
by nyexpat
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This is a totally self-serving post, as most of my posts are, for my own edification. I await your collective wisdom.
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Here is what I believe: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, ...
by tharu1
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