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I almost never flip through the AM dial, but I did this morning. What I was treated to was an epic rant by right wing nutcase shock jock Ed Thompson, which just exposed how depraved and America-...
by fizziks
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According to the french newpaper Le Figaro , Frederic Mitterand, the French minister of Culture, and Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign minister, are both ...
by LaurenMonica
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After reading [this http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/9/28/787180/-Rape-is-RapeNo-Matter-Who-Does-It] rec-listed diary, titled "Rape is Rape - No Matter Who Does It"; I couldn't be left with ...
by PiRierran
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Roman Polanski was arrested yesterday in Switzerland for a crime he should have long since been punished for. Instead, he fled, and has been hiding in Europe. Rather than be pleased that a rapist ...
by markhaverty
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One of the diaries about Roman Polanski's arrest got me thinking, but way off on a tangent from most of the heated discussion about whether he should go to jail, have a new trial, etc. I'm going ...
by david78209
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We’ve waited a long time for this. Finally Polanski is in custody. In 1977, director Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl. He made a sweetheart plea bargain, pleading guilty ...
by foxfire burns
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It is just in the news that 76 year old Roman Polanski has been arrested. The French Ministry is outraged and his fellow filmmakers have demanded to know why he was invited to Zurich for a Lifetime ...
by ArkDem14
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Film director Roman Polanski has been arrested by authorities in Switzerland, and is facing possible extradition in regards to charges stemming from an alleged child rape in 1977. Mr. Polanski, ...
by nicweb
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This is hard to write. And yet I can only write it because I am getting better. The little yellow bellied sap suckers who live on the hill behind my home have been a great help. So have my pooties.
by stevie avebury
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Influential director Roman Polanski's first film, Knife in the Water , was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1963 Academy Awards. This was a heady accolade for such a young ...
by cabaretic
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"We're going to end it here." This is a video diary.
by Nulwee
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