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You open the envelope you received in the mail. You read the instructions that tell you how to vote. You unfold the ballot and tear off the stub, exactly as instructed. You’ve known since the ...
by R H Sheldon
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by joelado
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The Personhood Amendment in Mississippi intrigues me as to the legal ramifications of such an Amendment. So, I compiled a list in honor of the 23 pairs of chromosomes these future people have of ...
by firebadtreepretty
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Nearly 1/2 of remaining ballots from Dem stronghold of King County...largely from Seattle.
by mikeymike68
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Just a note to any California voters who still have their mail-in ballots - Secretary of State Debra Bowen says not to mail them today. If you do, they will not be counted.
by TheOrchid
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We voted today. We took Chibi when she got home from school as my own private "Get out the vote" campaign. We reviewed the ballot (again) on the way. Everyone knew who and what they were voting for.
by JDWolverton
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Happy Sunday, Kossacks: I just got through early voting and am feeling hopeful and virtuous. I voted in rural West Texas in a Hispanic grocery store. My partner and I were the only two people there ...
by wtxdem
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"Name one thing that Barack has accomplished" was demanded of me recently. My first thought was "We don't Torture" Lots more has been accomplished, but that was one big, bold, wonderful thing.
by beancounter
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As you may have heard, Norm Coleman has, a mere eight months after election day, conceded the Senate race in Minnesota to notorious funnyman and radio host Al Franken. It will be remembered for ...
by DemocraticLuntz
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crossposted from unbossed This is the fifth in a series on pending bills to amend the National Labor Relations Act. The series so far has examined the RAISE ...
by shirah
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crossposted from unbossed One of the issues presented by the RAISE Bill is exclusive representation. That is, under the NLRA, the union chosen by the ...
by shirah
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crossposted from unbossed First: Do you have a pulse? You are reading this, so I will assume the answer is "Yes". If so, then you have probably heard about ...
by shirah
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Franken leads +225. Today, 9:30am CDT in room 300 of the Minnesota Judiciary Building, where 7 weeks of trial were held, the Secretary of State's office will open and count ...
by WineRev
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Franken leads +225 (+21 and +14 of the "Nauen61" the Elections Contest Court has ordered into the "Ready to Count" pile at the the Secretary of State's office; all these voters have ...
by WineRev
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crossposted from unbossed AP has reported on an interesting anti-EFCA initiative called "...
by shirah
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The final votes from the November 4th general election are still being tallied, with provisional and absentee ballots still being counted across the country. The Democratic party's pick up of ...
by djsands
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Tens of millions of ballots and registrations were dumped in the name of Bush and other Republicans in past elections. Are guilty Election Officials STILL in office? Of Course They ...
by ralphie eldridge
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Hi, I'm a journalist with the American News Project in DC. I'm in Philly, where I've been covering voting issues for the past few weeks. Today, voting expert Steven Rosenfeld (of Alternet) and I ...
by Danielle Ivory
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Just got this on school district e-mail from our school librarian. Please pass on to anyone you know in WA state who may not have mailed/submitted their ballot yet, so we ...
by NWTerriD
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I four helped people vote on Saturday. I am an election judge and I volunteered to help out at a nursing home. The home arranges with the Election Commission for judges to come in and help the old ...
by Temmoku
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