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Today's column for SFBG.com. No one has ever broached the agonizingly obvious here, so I did---why does anyone regard this as a serious issue, really? As no one coerces anyone to emigrate to the US,
by Johnny Wendell
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Marco Rubio, darling of the right (or RINO, depending on who you ask) is trying to thread the needle by sponsoring immigration reform that would boost his credibility in a presidential general ...
by doc2
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click to ...
by Matt Bors
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Sometimes when I watch Republicans defend the indefensible, I feel like banging my head against a wall. Okay, it is more than sometimes. Crooks and Liars posted this snippet of an interview on Fox ...
by Woody25
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I called Rubio's Miami office today to ask why he favored filibuster over debate on the gun control issue. The first answer I got from his aide was that he felt like the proposed legislation was ...
by nancyjones
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Today, Change.org brought a case to my attention; which calls for immediate action. Nicole, whose last name is March, tells a heartwarming tale of woe, concerning her father "James March" and ...
by laserhaas
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You don't need Nate Silver to figure this one out. If you are as old as I am (b. 1944) it's very simple and it goes like this. When I was a kid there were White, Blacks and a few Hispanics -
by blip1944
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Be forewarned. This post is offensive. The Republican party has decided that the reason they lost the presidential election in 2012 is because they did not expect so many urban people (read ...
by Woody25
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Sometimes I wish I could take each and everyone of those who denigrates the undocumented Immigrant through an informative journey. I would start off by having them spend some time in the native ...
by carlosgalindo
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You knew it was coming!!! SNL gives Marco "Water-boy" Rubio the business. Check it out below the jump.
by joelgp
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Marco Rubio started out his speech talking about his parents and how they gave him a wonderful opportunity by working their way into the middle class, his father as a Bartender, his mother as a ...
by TiredOfGOPLies
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Its the new game that's sweeping Republican ranks, and the closest the GOP comes to diversity - come play Pick the Next GOP MSOM! You've heard of the flavor of the month, the GOP has now ...
by Minerva
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In a frantic interview after his speech, Republican "superstar" Marco Rubio pleaded for the public to accept his explanation for what appeared to be a form of deviant behavior involving facial fly ...
by Focusers
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The real story behind Marco Rubio's infamous, awkward gulp of water.
by michaelmhughes
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I was going to write a little entry on how disappointed I was about Obama over-selling deficit problems and suggesting cuts: after all, in his State of the Union speech he mentioned the word '...
by aguadito
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I could be wrong. Really, I could be, but if you are watching Rubio right now you have to wonder what's wrong with his mouth? www.talktothemike....
by talktothemike
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1. He will represent a large, ancient, impersonal organization. 2. Many will be praise him for not being almost dead. 3. He will speak, and we will talk about how he spoke. 4. Someone, somewhere ...
by Paul Bibeau
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Where are they? All those republicans who have written English only laws. I was wondering because this caught my attention Rubio to deliver GOP response to Obama's State of the Union .
by rockfish
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As I indicated in a recent Open Thread, I am going to attempt a semi-periodic analysis on what was going on at RedState. I even picked out a title RedState Banned Me . While, I am not really ...
by dfcord
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Last week we raised some noise when it was called to our attention that Sen. Rubio could not answer the question about the age of the earth. He answered by ...
by Tool
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