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Donald Rumsfeld comes out of his bunker to criticize President Obama (what else is new!) From Politico “I think after spending that amount of time, that number of years and that much money — ...
by InfiniteThoughts
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Originally published at Fair and Unbalanced Being self reflective, expressing remorse, apologizing for causing harm. These are characteristics of an evolved, mature person. Right? We certainly ...
by Lovechilde
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I think this diary in Firedoglake on The New American Way of War is excellent and summarizes what is really ...
by Blue Wind
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by mikeb302000
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Instead of just pimping my own petition to investigate Cheney/Rumsfeld for torture I would also like to ask Daily Kos mod gods to implement this as an integrated ...
by PolecatEZ
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(note: some graphic images, mild compared to what is coming out.) Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has ...
by Ralph Lopez
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September 11, 2005. George W. Bush was still President. Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. Vice President Cheney said about Iraq:
by Into The Woods
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We've got 2 wars "declared" and incursions into up to 120 countries. We've got Rummy and Dick talking all about how they did GOOOOOD! And they would do it again. We've got rethugs saying they won'...
by glitterscale
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What I've been waiting for! Interview with one of the plaintiffs and a Human Rights Watch attorney. Gotta love ...
by red8top
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In addition to my earlier posted case (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/04/1003086/-HELP-INVESTIGATE!Rumsfeld-Torture-Case-Moving-ForwardNEEDS-SUPPORT!?via=blog_791325) there is now a second ...
by red8top
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An American Veteran, former Marine translator held and tortured in 2006 has been allowed by a district judge to pursue his case against Donald Rumsfeld! CAN WE MAKE AN IMPACT ON THIS CASE? EDIT A ...
by red8top
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I love it when the media shines its attention on Republicans, because only this way can Republicans showcase to the public how deluded they really are... ...and because Republicans fundamentally ...
by Poetic Mind
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Doubt if many have it marked on their calendars, probably don't want to be reminded that some 70plus% supported it and the drum beating from Washington and the Media outlets, all of them! But Greg ...
by jimstaro
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Watching the Sunday news shows today I had a Dejavu feeling from 2003. In the very early days of the Iraq war, Condi Rice and Donald Rumsfeld were going to the different Sunday talk shows making ...
by Blue Wind
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Courtesy of bvblackspin.com This was the scene ...
by Bob Sloan
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In 1997 Dick Cheney , set up & write the "Mission Statement" for Project for a New American Century (PNAC) . In 1998 Donald Rumsfeld, and 17 other GOPers, used ...
by keepemhonest
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Donald Rumsfeld is the most recent recipient of the American Conservative Union’s honorable ‘Defender of the Constitution Award’. I explain how Rumsfeld subverted the Constitution ...
by bbc1126
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To: Bradley Graham of the Washington Post I enjoyed your article On Rumsfeld and his upcoming book.
by matador
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This diary is cross-posted to my blog, where I've posted a screen grab of the photo of Jim Baker, Condi ...
by MPetrelis
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From mid-August 1973 there had been rumblings of a coup brewing in Chile - the economy was suffering due to the withdrawal of foreign investment in the democratically-elected state. At ...
by War on Error
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