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Not in a race, though. As you know, I've decided to enter a triathlon. I've been training for the past month so far, and here's an update. My routine started as follows: I would begin with a 2 ...
by zenbassoon
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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 6:30 Eastern. Feel free ...
by gulfgal98
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Hey there everybody! It's Tuesday night so yep - it's that time again - time to leave all the bad news and politics behind us and instead focus on jammin' to our favorite songs. Just in a get up ...
by poligirl
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Yup, that's right! I'm thinking about running for president! Now, what could a 34 year old man be talking about, he can't be president! Well, I'm here to tell you I turn 35 in 12 days, and I ...
by detroitmechworks
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So last week I got the bike out of the garage and got it ready to ride again, after a long ...
by shaktidurga
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Been a long time since I've posted a diary here. The place is looking really, really good! For those of you who don't know or remember me, I was a pretty active member here from 2004-2008. With ...
by ilona
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Friday was gorgeously warm, so once I'd got enough of what I felt I had to get done that day, I stripped down to shorts and my barefoot shoes, jumped on my bike and headed for the river. It was late ...
by erratic
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Daily musings below the fold.
by PDX
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This memory came to me, with all of the talk of religious tolerance. Christian heavy metal? Really? "No it's Awesome" Rebeckah, insisted as we went down in to the ...
by futurebird
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Ok, I think that most people on this site would agree that everyone should have access to timely, affordable health care; that is, no one should either die prematurely or suffer needlessly or have ...
by onanyes
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Ps. This is for Gulfgal98 who said I should blog about this. I ran my first race today. It was perfect weather this morning. Average temperature was 52 degrees. The sun was out early. This is ...
by pmb
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Hi Folks, This is a follow-up to the blog post I made about a month ago. Today, On Friday, April 16th 2010 I graduated from the Couch-to-5K running program. The 9 week long program consisted of ...
by pmb
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I recently ran across WHEE, and offered to contribute my experience in becoming a runner since the first of the year. WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support ...
by hold tight
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Over the last few weeks, I've been getting more and more anxious. The last 6 months of running and preparing for my first marathon (Nashville Rock & Roll Marathon, April 24, 2010) have gotten me to ...
by Johntastic
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I've posted a few diaries on the subject before. Mostly just to jot down my thoughts on my brother's cancer journey over the last few months. Tonight's diary is more of the same. Nothing political, ...
by Johntastic
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My new passion is jogging/running. I have never loved to run. I played soccer in high school and did short distance speed running in basic school but I've never ran long distance. Well, my body is ...
by pmb
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I spend some my time at a forum devoted to long distance running. I enjoy talking about politics with the people there, though there is one topic that always sparks endless debates, and that ...
by futurebird
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We laugh at quitters. Princes Sarah did half of her Governorship and half of a charity 5K race. Imagine with me: You have trained for the 26 mile Boston Marathon for years. Showed up on the big ...
by mdmslle
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If you've been reading the WHEE Scheduled Diaries list for the past few days, you know tonight's diary was titled "He's the DJ, I'm the Rider." Unfortunately, overtime has soaked up too much of my ...
by Edward Spurlock
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cross posted at Docudharma Morning all (cant say good cause it's not)
by Spindrifter
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