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There is a seemingly harmless meme in the info-sphere about the life cycles of human invention. It is entirely organic, stemming from the human experience of ages past. The winds, the rains, the ...
by NGUinBuffalo
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Will a real diarist please do something with this, please? Thanks! In light of Limbaugh's, "Pope's a marxist..." comments and the right's veneration of all things St. Ronnie, Pope Francis' message ...
by praesepe
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Well, I'll let Mr. Limbaugh express himself: "I was trying to think earlier today if ever in my life I could remember any major political party being so irrelevant," Limbaugh said on his radio show.
by yawnimawke
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He no more wrote the book than he created the "Limbaugh Theorem." He plagiarized Noah Rothmam for the "Limbaugh theorem." He claimed he coined the term "Generation Text" which he plagiarized from Dr.
by edthecynic
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The U.S. government has proposed and passed numerous laws that deny civil liberties by unwarranted spying, limiting freedoms, restricting movements, and protecting public officials from reprisal. ...
by StephenLRush
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It is hard for me to imagine how this "High-MISinformation" idiot can think other people are "Low-information voters" To convince himself that FULL-time workers are being converted to PART-time ...
by edthecynic
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It just started on Fox - 360 on directv. An one hour interview with Greta. What you think??? Yeah, not a diary!
by mrsgoo
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Steve and Fripp (not that one) are live at Noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific on NetrootsRadio.com. Since Cumulus Media has decided to part ways with Limbaugh and Hannity, we will have a lot to say about it �
by RodSerling
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In a major shakeup for the radio industry, Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, is planning to drop both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations at the end of the ...
by cioxx
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Rush Limbaugh sure knows how to get folks to talk about him, but he's hit a new bottom  on his website  with a venomous smear of "mommies" who are "too ...
by AmeriGus
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by Mishima
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The May 27th 2013 edition of Kicking Ass is on at Noon eastern, 9 am Pacific. Fripp (not that one) and Steve update the latest from the Wingnutosphere™ and how they threaten decent men and women ...
by RodSerling
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My best friend through middle and high school had a TV and music. We'd walk to school each day. Often I would get to his household early to listen to MTV in the early 80s for a few minutes, cause ...
by webranding
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This blog is cross-posted at StewartAcuff.com Driving back and forth across my homeland, the American South, doing my best to be a good family member and to give and receive love from those most ...
by StewartAcuff
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Now that Jay Leno has made waves with his "undocumented Democrats" joke, of course, pathological liar and certified plagiarist MessiahRushie tries to take credit for "inventing the term." April 03,
by edthecynic
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Losing friends happens to everyone one way or another. They move away, fade away, pass away, and sometime part ways after a falling out. In any of those cases, friends may have been lost, but they ...
by NGUinBuffalo
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Via Media Matters LIMBAUGH: And the way the Republicans are looking at it is that they think that Hispanic immigrants are made-to-order conservatives. For some reason, culturally, they think that ...
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Republicans are in a bind. Do they change with the times, with the American people; or do they hang onto the past, and their anti-government rhetoric? Decisions, decisions. Choose A, and ...
by jamess
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This is your weekly WAYWO diary; a place to share and promote your creative projects. Whether your creativity is expressed in clay, yarn, paper, ink, paint, writing, cloth, metal, topiary, stone, ...
by Purple Priestess
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What's one way to grab the attention of a company? Stop buying. And speaking of boycotting, if you’re wondering what companies are still sponsoring Rush Limbaugh, below is a list of 25 Limbaugh ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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