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Word has reached me that Entercom Communications, the owner of Boston radio station WRKO, is unable to come to terms with Mr. Limbaugh on a new contract for his show, so they will be dropping it ...
by necturus
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Losing stations has become a thing for the Republican 'king of hate radio.' Last month it was WIBC in Indiana. And now this month (so far) it's WRKO ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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You don't mess with America's EAS. iHeart Media, the home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Hate Radio, was fined on Tuesday by the FCC/Federal Communications Commission, for ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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“Illegitimacy,” “black-on-black crime,” “fatherless households,” “affirmative action,” “criminality,” “public assistance” – all of this, when hurled in response to black ...
by alyceejl
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The conventional (alleged) wisdom from mainstream media punditry has been telling us for years that America is a center-right nation. Never mind the contrary evidence that polls reveal about a ...
by News Corpse
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Yes, Rush Limbaugh becomes incredibly unhinged, his face gets all contorted, and his head spins around so fast he gets his panties up in a twist. Why? He's being slam-dunked by US Uncut co-founder ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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The law Republicans said would ...
by kos
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Maybe crazy behavior isn't so crazy.
by FranktheMc
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You may ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Last week, I covered a story about the Conservative Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, being dropped from the Indianapolis radio station, WIBC, after 22 years. WIBC parent ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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It's been a long, slow, and ugly ride downhill for Republican ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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“I’d just let them show up.” Rush Limbaugh’s top-secret strategy session with the Hollywood right-wing group Friends of Abe shows just how cynical and dismissive the GOP is regarding female ...
by Cognac Bodine
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Numbers don't lie, and telltale signs like Rush Limbaugh ranting daily about #StopRush suggest all is not well in Limbaughland. Desperate to convince advertisers to return to his show, Limbaugh ...
by TBTM Julie
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In the spirit of Conservatives routinely creating and rewriting American history, I‘ve decided to provide them additional delusions. Add your own rewrites of history. On the night of December 16,
by OrParalegal
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Notre Dame broadcasts sports on 6 Limbaugh stations. Purdue on 4 and Indiana University on 1. That's just the Limbaugh stations- they may also broadcast on other republican radio stations. For a ...
by certainot
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Rush Limbaugh, GOP Messiah http://media.photobucket.com/user/thejunctiondotnet/media/politics/rushlimbaugh.jpg.html?src=pb_unauth http://www.talkers.com/heavy-hundred/ via @talkersmagazine2015 ...
by Vet63
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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Stop the ...
by Laura Clawson
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This is an update to the events described in this past diary . To recap: Around 1 AM, multiple StopRush-Related diaries were published to the recents list, to the tune of 30-40, all at once, ...
by pierre9045
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So, if you were not on Dailykos late last night (about 1 AM Eastern), you may not be aware of this fiasco. There is a still a lot of uncertainty it seems like, and not a good collection of the ...
by pierre9045
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In Orwell's 1984, one of the scenes involves Hate Moments. That is when everyone stops their work and hates whoever Big Brother says to hate. As the hated figure gives some impassioned speech ...
by Eternal Hope
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