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Like other traveling carnivals, the right-wing noise machine has its regular sideshows on the midway, with each performer having a particular schtick. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to see ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Sweet Dreams is a documentary that chronicles how a group of Rwandan women survived destruction and mass murder, and then embarked on the tenuous path of healing. Against the backdrop of the lush ...
by Marcia G Yerman
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With the presidential debates now over and just a week to go before the election, it's clear that the vigorous back-and-forth between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will leave out one of the great ...
by Jesse Lava
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Up North in Canada I watched the debate last night with great interest and at one moment I saw something from Ryan that touched a nerve Discussion of when the US should put troops on the ground. ...
by Mikecan1978
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My apologies for not being around much since December, despite receiving a generous secret Santa gift of a lifetime sub. I had promised to begin a series on Geekdom and Gaming and Girls, and have ...
by DruidQueen
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We erect museums to the Holocaust a pay a lot of lip service to the saying "never again" but we don't do much to prevent or stop genocides that are happening now. We need to change that.
by ReallyRandom
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We erect museums to the holocaust and pay lip service to the phrase "never again" but don't do what we can to prevent and stop genocide when it occurs. We need to change that.
by ReallyRandom
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This Friday, May 20, will mark the 60th day since President Obama told Congress of his Libyan campaign. According to the War Powers Act, that declaration started a 60-day clock: If Obama fails ...
by Rep Michael Honda
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Cleft palates and cleft lips are among the most common birth defects worldwide. Although they are typically fixed through surgery shortly after birth in regions with accessible ...
by Global Press Institute
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Rwandans continue to commemorate the 1994 genocide today, with events scheduled through Wednesday. Emotional reactions from Rwandans show that the road to healing is long as the ...
by Global Press Institute
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This month, the Rwandan government changed the official school language for young students from English to Kinyarwanda to both ease the transition to school and to preserve Rwandan ...
by Global Press Institute
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In 2005, the United Nations approved a new doctrine called the “responsibility to protect,” nicknamed R2P, declaring that world powers have the right and obligation to intervene when ...
by teacherken
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Crossposted from The People's ...
by ThisIsMyTime
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I am a Quaker. I might well refuse to defend myself against a threat. I have told my students that were they threatened I would not hesitate to kill to protect them. This morning I read this:
by teacherken
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Limbaugh today crossed into extremely dangerous territory. Was his language intentional, a dog-whistle to his Dittoheads? It is difficult to believe that he did not know what radio programs he was ...
by Louise
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I am not a pacifist, though I think that erring in the direction of non-violence is almost always preferable to erring in the direction of violence. My own problem with military service is not that ...
by Seneca Doane
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Crossposted on Amplify Maternal mortality is one of the most heartbreaking and devastating challenges women and families face in the developing world. The ...
by TeenAdvocateDan
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Today, September 16, marks the 28th anniversary of the massacre at Sabra and Shatila. Assisted by the Israeli Army that cordoned off the Palestinian refugee camps on the outskirts of Beirut, armed ...
by soysauce
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General Rom�o Dallaire was head of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Rwanda during the Rwanda genocide where about 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered, most of whom were members of the ...
by stonehenge
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cross-posted from Sum of Change In 1994, one of the worst atrocities of my lifetime happened while the world calmly looked ...
by SumOfChange
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