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From Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit This statement was prepared for the April 23rd. protest at the Office of US Congressman Mark Sanford in Mount Pleasant, SC. At that ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Residents of a small trailer park off Colon Road in Sanford North Carolina didn’t know that their community will soon become a dumping ground for millions of tons of potentially toxic coal ash. ...
by skeyewalker
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It was nice while it lasted. For a few days we thought a jot of sanity might have infected a small town in Florida. October 30th: The Florida city where neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman ...
by jpmassar
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Police Chief Cecil Smith of Sanford, Florida, where George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin last year, reportedly will soon announce new rules pertaining to Neighborhood Watch volunteers. ...
by TRPChicago
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by Vetwife
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Back during the Monica Lewinski scandal, when the Republicans tried to make Clinton’s Oval Office shenanigans seem like the end of Western civilization, I had an interesting conversation with a ...
by DavidMCastro
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So you think that you've heard enough about the verdict? It takes me a while to simmer and then come to a boil. I'm Irish...Don't make me come over there! Headings: If Zimmerman Voted For Mitt, ...
by Einstoned Onfb
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Once upon a time, Pudgie the Bear was skipping through the woods when Trigga the Tree Troll stopped him. “Why are you running in my forest?” Trigga demanded, as one of his giant tree limbs ...
by Marinade Dave
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I was originally going to blog about - ALEC's Stand Your Ground and Zimmerman's Criminal Record. But after checking out the latest on Current TV and finding some right-wing Internet Troll trying to ...
by thinkingblue
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(Sorry, I am not down with this just yet. There is still a dead child who got no justice.) I do not believe they tried to win. Is that so preposterous to believe on my part? Why? I read one ...
by Floyd Blue
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From the L.A. Times : The Sanford Police Department froze its plan to return Zimmerman's gun Thursday after the FBI put a hold on evidence in the case , Sanford police spokesman Capt. James ...
by ericlewis0
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I must admit ever since this tragedy and abortion of justice has happened, I wanted to look closer at Sanford and it's own little world of hatred. The results were astonishing from a long ...
by Vetwife
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One of the sad truths of the Zimmerman trial is this: Despite the back and forth about legal elements of the case like "reasonable doubt", the racism of the jurors likely decided the outcome, and ...
by bruh1
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Yeah, like you're normal.
by thefarleftside
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That was a comment to one of the many, many posts I've read about the travesty of justice in the Trayvon Martin murder case since I arrived home this evening. And I wish that were the case, but it'...
by Killer of Sacred Cows
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The Gregorian Calendar has been the most widely accepted date-keeping standard since 1582. It means that, in most parts of the globe, July 4 is just another day of the year. In the United States; ...
by Marinade Dave
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To say that Don West is less than brilliant would be a mistake. He's an extremely intelligent defense attorney and is highly regarded in the Central Florida area, but yesterday's opening statement ...
by Marinade Dave
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Who are They? How many times have we heard the word they when someone makes a statement about an alleged factoid picked up from somewhere -- on the nightly news, perhaps? It could be true, it could ...
by Marinade Dave
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Many accuse minorities especially after the election of America’s first black president of using the race card anytime they point out some overt or implied form of racial discrimination. Just ...
by Egberto Willies
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Rather than engage his real opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sleaze-bag Mark Sanford chose to take free advantage of the disgraceful and grossly unchallenged sexism the political right used in the ...
by RareBird0
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