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Right Now! Mid.-2am EDT. 417-717-1454 is your Show ticket . Light it up! Sure, we bring you these guys... Thom Hartman Show , 3-6pm ET, M-F on Netroots Radio Mike Malloy Show , 9pm-Mid. ET, M-F ...
by winkk
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Your News and Talk progressive radio connection is live! Your Noontime radio fix is on! The 'After Show' is Live at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, taking your calls at 417-717-1454 !
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I thought i should repost my note from January 12, 2013: "Daniel Horowitz begins his diary on redstate.com: 'It’s not enough to vote conservative. We need members of Congress to live the lives ...
by timsmit
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In a new PPP Poll, issued this morning, Mark Sanford now holds a 1 point advantage in the SC-01 race, a nearly 10 point swing over previous polling data. http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/2011/...
by Chris Reeves
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This isn't my best uploaded footage. It was quite dark, which is too bad, because I don't have a professional video camera, film equipment or lighting. I may try this again with a different camera, ...
by Marinade Dave
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Natalie Jackson, Dave Knechel and Benjamin Crump The maelstrom that's surrounded George Zimmerman since February 26 of last year reached a crescendo in the courtroom last week. Sort of. Then it ...
by Marinade Dave
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Although there is a history of mall and theater shootings in this country, Sandy Hook Elementary School was the straw that broke the camel's back. So many innocent children died. The smallest ...
by Marinade Dave
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This is a piece I wrote almost seven years ago, back in February, 2006, although I did edit it a little bit. My writing style was a little bit rougher around the edges, but my message is as clear ...
by Marinade Dave
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I shot a video with Frank Taaffe soon after the hearing ended Tuesday. I know, I know - he is a controversial character who draws admiration from some and disdain from others, but he had something ...
by Marinade Dave
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One month ago, I presented a video walk-through of The Retreat at Twin Lakes from George Zimmerman's perspective -- from the moment he stepped out of his vehicle to the time he says he was punched ...
by Marinade Dave
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... And the Sanford Police Department was Duped Take a look at the results of George Zimmerman's CVSA Truth Verification test administered by SPD. It only takes a third grader to understand the ...
by Marinade Dave
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I don’t think anyone will ever be able to connect the racism dots when it comes to George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The really creepy part about the two names is that they will forever be ...
by Marinade Dave
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LLMPapa has made quite a name for himself, particularly in video production, since the Trayvon Martin tragedy began making headlines. He’s got such a sharp eye and uniquely analytical mind that ...
by Marinade Dave
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Just like the title says, this is a video shot at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, including some bonus footage. After viewing the video, simple questions arose. The evening of February 26, 2012 was ...
by Marinade Dave
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Right after Judge Lester was removed from the bench, Mark O’Mara said he would likely schedule a “stand your ground” hearing sometime next year. On August 31, Rene Stutzman of the Orlando ...
by Marinade Dave
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The Prince and the Pea In his ORDER SETTING BAIL on July 5, 2012, Judge Kenneth Lester made several stipulations clear about what attorney Mark O'Mara's client, George Zimmerman, could and could ...
by Marinade Dave
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As a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician serving on the emergency squad in my community, I can offer a little bit of insight into the information released by the special prosecutor, Angela Corey.
by Roby NJ
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http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57430236-504083/george-zimmerman-not-guilty-plea-at-arraignment-for-trayon-martin-killing/ CBS news report that George Zimmerman has entered a written plea of ...
by willisnewton
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As denoted by the New York Post story " NBC Miami Reporter Fired Over Misleading --" it states the following; MIAMI -- A reporter at NBC's WTVJ was fired after a 911 call made by Trayvon ...
by laserhaas
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The recent fight over Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee's resignation letter has shed light on the DoJ's actions, and inaction regarding the Trayvon Martin murder case. George Zimmerman, a ...
by willisnewton
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