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Effective activism's a long-haul process, not "save the Earth in 30 days, ask me how." But there are some principles that seem to reoccur for people addressing every kind of challenge from the Gulf ...
by PaulLoeb
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I am reading (and loving) Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' due to a recommendation not from some commie college professor propagandist, but from Glenn Beck. Over the jump, I'll compare Beck's ...
by Spencer Troxell
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Too many of us hold back from community involvement because we think we don't know enough to act on our beliefs, or don't have the standing or confidence to take a public stand. When we see a ...
by PaulLoeb
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Because of this assumption, members of the Tea Party right, like the members of the New Left, spend a lot of time worrying about being co-opted. They worry that the corrupt forces of the ...
by Forgiven
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The online right wing magazine "American Thinker" is to thinking like American cheese is to cheese. Close but not really living up to its name. Anyway today's ...
by OHdog
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Perhaps a few quotes will tell the tale.
by NLinStPaul
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I have an interesting, but not uncommon stigmatism...one eye is near-sighted and one far-sighted. The interesting part of it is that they mostly cancel each other out and give me close to good vision.
by NLinStPaul
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I want to thank the right wing for introducing this gentleman to me.
by Candy Randy
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Saul Alinsky has been called the "Father of Modern Radicalism" and "the original community organizer." He has ...
by Free Spirit
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Dauphine Island All community organizers chafe at the flood of aspersions on our craft these days. I see all of these town halls as fair game for protest, but the conservatives have lost tactical ...
by ChiefOrganizer
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So [Rules for Radicals http://www.amazon.com/Rules-Radicals-Saul-Alinsky/dp/0679721134], Saul Alinsky's 1989 manual for progressive community organizing, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. It's ...
by Alien Abductee
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For degree of difficulty, I'll give them a ten, but Republicans are far too incompetent to have risked the political Jujitsu required by their recent exercise.
by KingOneEye
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Sometimes an opportunity for reform comes along that is "strategic" in that it changes the playing field for efforts to win other reforms in the future. The passage of the National Labor Relations ...
by Robert Naiman
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"Mistakes have been made in the electoral process." So says Eric Odom, webmeister of TaxDayTeaParty.com. and reported in the 4/14/09 The Washington Independent. Obviously Odom is not referring to ...
by imamish
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Now that the election season has wound down and activity at Daily Kos has degenerated into food fights about Lieberman and whether or not hiring Clinton "retreads" means change, I've been checking ...
by kat68
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Saul Alinksy's Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals I loved it in my teens (not long after Alinsky died)
by Dvd Avins
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Some parking lot owner in Gibsonville, NC put a sign saying... Obama supporter? Obama bumper sticker? NO PARKING! It was reported on ...
by kalmoth
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First Ayers. Then Wright. It looks like Saul Alinsky is on today's McCain TP Memo. Mr. Mayor made a fool of himself on Morning Joe, and the transcript shows how Andrea Mitchell and Mika ...
by EvangelicalDemocrat
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So I went out yesterday and bought a copy of Kos's Taking on the System . I figured it was about time. Two chapters in, and it's a great read. Buy it today. But inside it mentions Saul ...
by mhanch
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On days I don't telecommute, I have a longish drive, and listen to talk radio, mostly left, sometimes right. Today was amazing from both sides. I learned that Saul Alinsky is a new bogey man ...
by dlcox1958
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