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Based on what I’m reading online, I would bet that Brian Williams will not survive the kerfuffle over his helicopter ride in Iraq. And, personally, I think that will be a shame. Yes, what he did ...
by ericfolkerth
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In my previous piece on "The O'Reilly/Stewart Brouhaha," I said that it's unclear whether conservatives like Bill O'Reilly really want to help foster a culture of responsibility among people at the ...
by AndySchmookler
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Torah reading: Genesis chapters 37 to 40. Haftarah reading: Amos 2:6 to 3:8. I’ve been doing a fair amount of research lately on family dynamics and conflict, and the Joseph story appears to ...
by Eowyn9
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What would the GOP do without someone else to blame everything on?
by thefarleftside
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Wayne LaPierre has been laying low since the NRA's victory over stronger gun laws in Congress, and his subsequent victory lap of crazy in their convention in May. While this has allowed Gun Owners ...
by tytalus
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In this series, we looked at the incompetence and negligence in the Departments of Defense and State that resulted in an operating environment that enabled Bradley Manning to copy hundreds of ...
by lartwielder
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In Part 2, we looked at the security environment at FOB Hammer and discovered that there was effectively none. That was the first component of the "perfect storm" that enabled Pfc. Manning to ...
by lartwielder
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Part 1 of this series revisited Pfc. Manning's activities at Forward Operating Base Hammer with a focus on indicators that provided information about the level of oversight and risk management with ...
by lartwielder
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THE "P.R.I.C.E." WE PAY "Prejudice, Racism, Injustice, Corruption, Execration" Their trained to kill, demonstrate ...
by SulleeJ
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What’s a scapegoat manipulating media to do for fear mongering when it runs out of all possible bogyman? I mean today, the "---" make our favorite electronic toys, Russians have good heart (ask ...
by zenox
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By Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium blogger Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of B-movie actor-turned-conservative president, Ronald Wilson Reagan. On the eve of the ...
by The Media Consortium
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Got scapegoat? Emanuel Goldstein is behind everything Julian Assange lied America into war with Iraq George Soros destroys ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Glen Beck (Mormon) and Pamela Geller (Jew) are a couple of odd birds. Both rabble-rousers. Both make their living scapegoating others. Both were members of a once oppressed minority but now feel ...
by Otherday
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by Professor Smartass
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Oh I really do love this new angle, designed to save the "Masters of the Fucking Universe". This really is the sickest little joke during this whole sorry tale of greed and corruption. Initially ...
by LaFeminista
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If my recollection is accurate, it was Hillary Clinton who popularized the notion of a vast right wing conspiracy, hereafter abbreviated VRWC. Of course it wasn't a conspiracy so much as a vast ...
by niaman
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A week or so ago I posted a diary entry in which I proposed that Sarah Palin, despite a certain infatuation from the ...
by bluejack
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I cannot help feeling that McCain’s campaign marks the end of the Republican juggernaut that has been dominating US politics since the Regan administration. After the Bush administration&
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Watching the news unfold, the growing fear in my mind is that this election will produce two losers. One will be John McCain for ...
by craptree TCS
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I'm almost certain that Barack Obama will be the 44th president. Yet this prediction still fails to make me happy.
by abraxas
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