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This week, the Virginia House of Delegates passed a " Tebow bill " allowing home-schooled children to participate in sports and other activities at public schools. For the Republican presidential ...
by Jon Perr
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Crossposted on 43rd State Blues and ...
by The Book Bear
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The "No Excuses" Reformers have two refrains ...
by plthomasEdD
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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published ...
by ThirdandState
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Last election, the national GOP, for the first time, spent party money in local school board elections in Colorado. As a result, the board was populated by school choice and voucher advocates. ...
by djrez
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It's no secret that many young Americans graduate from school with little more than the knowledge of where to find the cheat codes for the Call of Duty electronic game. Only a small number know how ...
by omnipotentpoobah
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One of the credos of our American Capitalistic System is that Competition is Good. Perhaps it comes from our love of sports; perhaps it comes from dimly-remembered Trials by Combat in our cultural ...
by quarkstomper
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Few metaphors could be more appropriate than the "invisible hand" for free market forces, and the constantly shifting school choice movement over the past thirty years (paralleling the ...
by plthomasEdD
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"It's being marketed as a solution to save public schools, but the big donors are tied to right-wing think tanks that openly advocate, and strategize, the end of public education. How ...
by Troutfishing
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  As discussed in Part 1 , privatizing ...
by DSWright
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"When someone says 'it's not about money', it's about money." - H.L. Mencken Earlier, as the overt push for privatizing New Jersey's public schools was just getting started, I wanted to ...
by DSWright
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Inside scoop : I facebooked and tweeted the story about the Ohio mom who became a convicted felon after she used her parents' address ...
by Elisa
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Bizarre and disturbing tale of African American mother of 2 daughters jailed for sending them to White suburban school.
by kevinpowell
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So let's say your state is out of money, and you have a new Governor who has a mandate to reduce taxes and spending. But you want to spend some more money on pet programs? How do you do that? ...
by smithnewyork
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I used to be a strong supporter of school accountability and choice. So ...
by teacherken
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My support for NCLB remained strong until November 30, 2006. I can pinpoint the date exactly because that was the day I realized that NCLB was a failure. This is a book ...
by teacherken
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This is the 5th installment Utopia/ Dystopia . In this episode we meet Olivia Grant, the school principle. We ...
by TPau
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January 9, The New York Times carried an article on a special school in Minneapolis. This school was a ...
by Liberal Youth
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I put some questions to the Northern Virginia Moderate Republicans on Facebook. I am interested in seeing what they say. Read the post below the fold and give me a Kossack reaction:
by Michael Bindner
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In a stark reminder of why the cost of gas matters for more than economic reasons the WSJ recently ran an ...
by Liberal Youth
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