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America has no universal health care, but does have a bloated war-mongering Pentagon always up to no good. Our infrastructure is not simply rusted and potholed, it’s too broken to fix. We have the ...
by Starlight Diner
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Teahadis--and that is exactly what they are!--have long ago worn out their welcome in American discourse. They are recalcitrant obstructionists of the same feeble character and practices as the ...
by Starlight Diner
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Last week on the Charlie Rose Show, Jon Stewart said, “Evil is relatively rare. Ignorance is epidemic and the cure for that is journalism and expression”. On the following morning,
by eileenflemingTNT
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Reg Quirk was the Preceptor of Westfield House Lutheran Theological College in Cambridge He was the former head of the Lutheran Church in England He was forced to leave because he promised a student'
by quirk65
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A new piece by Kevin Tully: Killing another's child to assuage the rage, horrible grief and depression associated with ...
by Franklin Cincinnatus
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Liberals are brilliant, creative in ways to either kill black people, or to get black people killed. If they are not putting Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, Liberals are ...
by 113tidbits
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Recently, the strangest thing has happened. Two American Nobel Prize-winning economists (Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman) have called for the United States to stop negotiating new trade agreements .
by kennbattlle
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Ha! You wish!
by Mae Busch
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BREAKING from THE DAILY RECORD -- "Listen, Governor Christie, respectfully speaking from one fat bastard to another: if you don't eat the evidence, I will. Get in my belly!!!"
by The Pool Man
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Ted Rall: "Truth Behind ACA Mess Is Obama and His Gang of Golfing Buddies Are Idiots"
by superobama
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Well, gosh shucky dingdang durn if the same stupid little faux liberal prigs didn't throw the same knickertwisting hissy fits again. I referred to someone mentioned in another whiny blog as an (...
by Adelante
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In the event that you wish to transfer property to your heirs, you can gift the property to them in your final will and confirmation or you can transfer the property to them while you are still ...
by dnell
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1 – You should always inflate your own ego by pretending that your leftist ideology is just so intellectually advanced, complex and non-jingoistic. You must do this despite the fact that you ...
by Wraith77
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Hi there playboy.
by funBoro99
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After a few months of studying the comments underneath news stories posted by Yahoo! News I've been able to determine as a fact a few things. 1. There are definitely paid trolls in the Philippines ...
by wish to be unknown
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Warning from Admin at 2013-04-22 20:32:20 Your current diary about the Boston bombings counts as a conspiracy theory. Such postings are not permitted at Daily Kos. I received the above message ...
by niccolo caldararo
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The Walt Disney Company (NYSE/DIS) has been doing exceedingly well operationally and on the stock market over the last few years. Disney’s annual sales and earnings growth have been very good and ...
by profitconfidential
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One of the most interesting opportunities that the Internet has brought us is the possibility to simply put links and texts side by side and see if the total effect is greater than the mere sum of ...
by Bacherhoff
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I'm just writing so I have a chance to use some tags that don't get used often enough around hetero-left central. after the womens studies ...
by Josita Downes
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Readers of mine should not be under the impression that I am a big fan of Obama's or of the Democrats... I wrote this back in 2008 : I find myself against almost everything that the Republicans ...
by Newslinks
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