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I applied, and was asked to be an expert on Science Education for Examiner.com.
by Gary Hurd
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Cross posted at PennToPaper.com Nothing frustrates me more than when people misuse science to ...
by mconvente
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And this my friends is welcome news to scientists and the public alike. Certainly if you have been paying attention, this comes as no surprise. The news here is that Obama made this applause line at ...
by UTvoter
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A retired science teacher looks at subtle and not so subtle efforts by the oil and coal industry and global warming deniers to subvert environmental education in the public schools, by spreading ...
by loblolly
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There is a far deeper and more profound transition occurring in the "green revolution" than is commonly appreciated. While the immediate benefit of humanity's shift to a sustainable energy economy ...
by Troubadour
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There've been a lot of education diaries lately. They mostly leave me feeling tense and stressed whether I agree with the diarist or not. I thought it would make a nice change share something funny ...
by houyhnhnm
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When 26 year-old Charles Darwin sailed into the Galapagos Islands in 1835 aboard the HMS Beagle , little could he have imagined that nearly two centuries later citizens around the globe ...
by StrangeAnimals
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Kudos to Deoliver47 for the excellent piece on the real story behind ...
by dryfoo
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While it’s hard to avoid flying into the flame of firebrand politics, I try to remember that this election is about issues, not personalities. It’s about judgment, not rhetoric. It’...
by scxq28
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The religious right has long coveted control of the Texas State Board of Education. There are many reasons, but one of them is the disproportionate influence of Texas in purchasing textbooks. For ...
by Frederick Clarkson
Comment Count 27 comments on Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 11:12 AM PST with 51 Recommends
For a long time now, the religious right has succeeded in dominating public discourse on the intersection of science and religion. Among other things, seesaw battles have been waged in many states ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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Although the recent firing of Chris Comer has indicated that Texas is in the business of keeping our schoolchildren ignorant on the teaching of evolution, I believe that Florida is inching the ...
by cassdog
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Enjoying vacation I read fully "Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson . ...
by das monde
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Oh! Ok dudes! My gloves are off! And I am going to tell you off. Some many of you chose to slam NSTA for not accepting the 50k copies of An Inconvenient Truth. Yes, I too was surprised by the news ...
by TexMex
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by CydeWeys
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