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All the Hillary Clinton supporters, both organized and not are coming out of the woodwork. Progressives like myself actually think that someone like Elizabeth Warren IS making the right decision not ...
by DoctorNoren
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This is surreal in almost mind boggling consequences. Pretty soon the only children attending public school will be the poorest of the poor and the teachers will be anyone willing to work for ...
by Vetwife
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by Vetwife
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by Vetwife
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When you have Alec, Big Money, Kochs, Crooks and Bushes.....it affects the whole country Not just Florida. Please help. If you have one dollar..send it ..... We need all the help from every ...
by Vetwife
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Rick Scott's Mama would be so proud. At the debate, after not showing up for 7 minutes because Charlie Crist had an electronic device at the debate. Crist had A small 10.00 fan for cooling at the ...
by Vetwife
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by Vetwife
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Don't get me wrong..we're on the same piece of paper Markos and Chris Bowers. I think the FCC would be making a big mistake if they risk real net neutrality by passing rules like they are ...
by DoctorNoren
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The most recent poll I saw puts Governor /Alien Scott with a one point lead in a projected match-up with former Gov. Crist. I haven't seen any polling on a Nan Rich/Scott matchup. Nan is probably ...
by pholkiephred
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Well, what can you say? It ...
by Vetwife
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If this is the case, then there needs to be a ground swell of people that would support a non-pandering, no Lobby money, practical US Senate candidate..me...Are there people out there that are ...
by DoctorNoren
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There are so many things wrong with this governor, one hardly knows where to begin. 800,000 to redecorate the mansion while saying No No to roads and schools is his latest antic. The man is ...
by Vetwife
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No hyperbole. He has made no denial that he is a tea party lap dog but this new stunt is beyond his other criminal behavior. The HP carried a piece and it is blasting all over the local news ...
by Vetwife
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Rick Scott and the other Tea Party Governors, in the pockets of the Koch Brothers; I really believe this was how Fascisim in Europe began and the rest is history. Please donate $3 to help stop them. ...
by thinkingblue
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Well when you have plead the 5th 75 times for medicare fraud, have some rich racist buddies,and say no to exchanges for increased medicaid funding , of course you need protection. Florida paid ...
by Vetwife
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New on Blog of The Century The Century Foundation by S. Michael Gaddis Last week, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory suggested that public funding for higher education should support only those ...
by TheCenturyFoundation
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Murder, rape, obviously no oversight...Can we agree this is an insult to even the thought of mental health care Check this out...Is this an ad for a mental health trained employee or a bouncer? AD..
by Vetwife
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I warned them, I warned them, I told the VA, I told you, I told VISN, and now this is what has happened. I also KNOW one cannot treat combat vets and room them in the same way as non military. I ...
by Vetwife
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SC African-American Congressman Tim Scott is apparently the favorite to be appointed to succeed the retiring Sen Jim DeMint. Does Tim Scott deviate on any major issues (or ANY issues) from GOP ...
by pasuburbdem1
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My God, what will it take? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Scott is a dangerous pos. He should not be left in charge of the handling of mice, much less people. There are some terrible governors but this ...
by Vetwife
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