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Scientists have discovered that the ice shelves of South Antarctica, located in the Bellingshausen sea , are in rapid melt. This new study follows reports that the remnants of Larsen B should ...
by Pakalolo
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A cemetery on the shoreline on Majuro Atoll being flooded at high tide in 2008. The low-lying Marshall Islands, a Pacific atoll chain that rises barely a meter above sea level. Giff Johnson/AFP/...
by Pakalolo
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You'll probably want to see this, if you aren't a republican or other form of intellectually-stunted, anti-science moran. And if you UNDERSTAND THE REALITY of climate change, you'' probably get a ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Hands Across the Sands, Florida 2014. Protesting Marco Rubio's statement on climate change Marco Rubio has declared his candidacy for the presidency. Two of the major republican 2016 candidates ...
by VL Baker
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Thank God for climate change deniers. They may eventually be the only buyers for shorefront real estate. Sea level rise may not cause widespread flooding until later in this century or into the ...
by Ivy Main
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The major media outlets, television, radio, the blogosphere, the Washington Post, the New York Times' estimable Adam Nagourney, Jack Healy and Nelson Schwartz have been reporting on California's ...
by Martha Ture
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The copper river in the Gulf of Alaska-NASA The world is changing before our very eyes yet most of us choose to ignore it. There has been a lot of horrible news lately regarding the rapid melting ...
by Pakalolo
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The early December 2014 news of the acceleration in melting the West Antarctica one-mile-thick ice sheet which could raise global sea levels about 3.3 meters (10 or 11 feet) was terrible ...
by e2247
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The densely populated megalopolis of South Florida is losing it's water wells as sea water intrudes into the Biscayne Aquifer. Salt water has already moved 6 miles inland in Broward County and is ...
by Pakalolo
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Yesterday, Pakalolo posted an important diary about the recently discovered acceleration in melting underneath the floating ice shelf ice sheet which supports the massive East Antarctica glacial ...
by Steven D
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Following on the heels of the devastating news on on the cracking up of West Antarctica's Larsen C Ice shelf , there is a new NASA study that shows the discovery of 2 seafloor troughs that bring in ...
by Pakalolo
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Most Americans have difficulty comprehending exponential growth. A few years ago Dr. Albert A. Bartlett professor emeritus of the University of Colorado at Boulder explained it well in this video ...
by rktect
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Northern edge of Larsen C Ice Shelf is at significant risk of breaking off as a massive rift continues to open within it. The above image shows the rate of rift propagation since November of 2010. ...
by Pakalolo
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The heat generated by Climate Change is not causing sea level rise (SLR) rates evenly across coastal areas. Coastal regions north of New York have shown a dramatic rise of 4 inches in 2009-2010. ...
by Pakalolo
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Every so often a nonfiction book comes along that, because of its objective, comprehensive coverage of a hot topic, should be carefully read with a highlighter in hand by everyone. That new book is �
by Joelsmartguy
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President Obama issued an executive order Friday that requires scientific assessment of the sea level rise caused by global warming to be taken into ...
by Meteor Blades
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The new finding was published 1-21-15 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) . According to scientists, rivers of melt water are draining Greenland quicker and contributing to ...
by Pakalolo
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How many more surprises can we handle? It seems that every time we look we find more bad news. This one certainly surprises me. Scientists Drill through 2,400 Feet of Antarctic Ice for Climate ...
by don mikulecky
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Larger Image From NOAA 12-19-14 Sea level rise has given high tide flooding of our coastal areas a significant boost. It is expected that nuisance tides will increase dramatically in the next 15-...
by Pakalolo
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The melting of Greenland's ice sheets is becoming more and more dire with fears that the entire sheet may collapse into a big pile of mush similar to what happens when snow and ice slide off a roof.
by Pakalolo
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