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Last Spring, I just could not stop getting bad news, all in one week: My amazing Grandmother, WWII Army Nurse 1941-1945, passed away... My "family" informing me months after it happened... The ...
by corazonroto
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This is not the news anyone wants to hear...myself included. But here are the facts, in the form of the formal complaint I have sent to the State and Federal Officials I seem to have caught in a ...
by corazonroto
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A friend of mine declared on Facebook (where I'm also "imobannon") that he was undecided for the upcoming election and challenged his friends on both sides to produce a positive statement about ...
by imobannon
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Hello there. You can call me "Nobody", and I happened to be in the Forest one day last year. I was unemployed and wandering around where I was not supposed to be...all by myself....deeper and ...
by corazonroto
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Challenge! The following is the Mitt Romney video, "The Promise of America" I challenge you to find ONE person of color in this 2.5 minute campaign piece! What is the message he is sending?
by ArizonaLiberal
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by Mark Fiore
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Follow @DailyKosComics on Twitter, whee! Know when the latest cartoon is out.
by Mark Fiore
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Is Barak a muslim? His middle name is Hussein. He's not white. Pretty suspicious, eh? And is Hawaii really America? Of course they get irritated there when you mention going back to the "states".
by junius
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Steve Leser is interviewed by Charles Howard and discusses Mitt Romney's win in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary as well as the status of the race for the GOP nomination and Romney'...
by StevenLeser
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I get almost daily calls from Barack Obama asking for money and support. He has his people call me because I provided money, support and my vote in 2008. I immediately hang up. I don't berate the ...
by JBPretnder
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Rocking the House by Dancing with the Devil...welcome to Coalition Government!
by blacksnake
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First of all - I want to make it clear that the posts that I will be copying below were not written or approved by anyone at Foxnews. But, this latest hack is about to be national news about ...
by Trobone
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President Obama and Sarah Palin have just had their first debate, albeit by long distance.
by RebelWithAKos
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Obama is NOT my boyfriend. NOT my corporate overlord, NOT my empty suit, NOT my facist, NOT my Kenyan interloper, NOT my Bush-like monkey, NOT my progressive savior. I've heard he has stinky socks.
by kat68
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So the Democrats lost the midterm elections for the most part...holding on to the Senate by a string. Now, what Democrats need to do is learn from their mistakes and move forward. I often find ...
by M4roadie
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Many of us have heard about the colorful language Vice President Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel use, but I wondered about the President how does it sound when he cusses. I wondered this back in 2008, ...
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In addition to being a totally big mouth progressive blogger and vlogger, I have periodically done character sketch comedy and commentary, and Selma is my most popular character. This is a ...
by debbierlus
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Good afternoon, Daily Kos readers. This is your afternoon open thread to discuss all things Hill-related. Use this thread to praise or bash Congresscritters, share a juicy tip, ask questions, offer ...
by Casual Wednesday
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No, No, No...not what you're thinking. I mean as in "political party" as in Republicans have a lot in common with the British chanteuse, beyond their retro stylings. I've said it before, and I'll ...
by Jank2112
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] As a single-payer kinda liberal I never liked the basic paradigm of health for profit industry, so I find myself in ...
by paradox
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