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Yes, she lost the second debate, too. But it was on Minnesota Public Radio, which is like National Public Radio. And the kind of voter who listens to *that,* already *knows* that Bachmann's nuts. ...
by Bill Prendergast
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/(Posted for a friend, an infrequent diarist who's having trouble getting this one loaded, with some editing and addition because that's just how I roll.)/ “Get the transcript!” is a great all-...
by Seneca Doane
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Republicans have been quite focused on this “equal pay for equal work” issue that developed during the second debate. Either they are scarred and are trying to deflect, or they sense weakness ...
by TonyZ
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I can see where Glenn Kessler is coming from in his fact-checker column . At least when it comes to the President - who prefers misdirection to Governor Romney's favored tactic of repeated, overt, ...
by ConfusedSkyes
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"Goddamsonofabitch, you motherfuckers!" That's what I would have said if I was Mitt Romney last night after the debate, standing there with my debate prep team, watching every news channel show the ...
by GrimReefa
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by Seatons Newslinks
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While Andrew Sullivan was having his big gay panic attacks over Obama's first debate performance, I was posting about the longer term rope-a-dope strategy that Mohammed Ali employed against George ...
by timtimes
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The most devastating moment of the debate for Romney, and most memorable for President Obama, was when our President slammed him for politicizing the Benghazi attack. Among many of Romney's false ...
by ayjaymay
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There's no denying that President Obama's performance in the first debate with Mitt Romney has hurt his chances of reelection. He let Romney control the debate nearly from start to finish, missing ...
by rigcath
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The World Awaits Tonight's Obama Romney Debate After the disastrous performance President Obama reportedly had during his first debate with Mitt "the chameleon" Romney, he'll have the added ...
by lbines
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We ‘lost’ Vietnam: does this make John McCain’s captivity less heroic, his military service less ‘honorable’? And if it doesn’t, why is he impugning the honor of ...
by millere
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I know I'm in the minority but is "that one" really the storyline that we want to be focusing on coming out of the debate and with the financial markets positioned for another disastrous day? Wouldn'...
by bradams
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At the Oct. 7 debate, Sen. McCain introduced a mortgage buyback scheme whose purported purpose is helping mortgagees. It has many problems. 1. Each individual mortgage has been sliced into a ...
by Number Cruncher
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I work as a broadcast technician for a college, and I thought I'd make a comment about the tie that Senator Mccain chose to wear to the debate. A Moire pattern, as it pertains to video, is created ...
by LiberalMind
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First of all, a 'shout-out' (as I understand, the kids are saying it) to the Red Sox, who finished off The Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem (the dumbest full name of a team in pro sports). Now, i won'
by Dan McDermott
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