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Welcome to J Town! A gathering place to promote posts and projects, chat about the news, check on the weather (and brag about yours!) and waste spend a little time. Bring your music, your news ...
by JanF
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For a long while, I’ve been contemplating the notion of group discipline and how it has evolved over time. What form does it take today? Discipline seems to vary considerably depending on ...
by cabaretic
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To me, it would seem that the creation of life by some omnipotent entity that can simply will anything at all into being is no greater a feat than the doodles of a child with a crayon. No. To me it ...
by NGUinBuffalo
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First National Organization for Atheist Women Mobilizes ~Leadership Development Drives Mission www.SecularWoman.org Mission: The mission of Secular Woman is to amplify the voice, presence, and ...
by VPOutreach
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(Cross-posted on http://coloradoconfluence.com/) One of the great paradoxes of American history and society is that we are simultaneously a country founded by religious zealots committed to the ...
by Steve Harvey
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Religion and politics have worked throughout history hand in hand to control the populous and share power. This has probably been true since the dawn of humans, religion and politics. I will not ...
by notdarkyet
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Christmas is a shining growth in the social institutional landscape, a holiday rich in various heritages, colorful, good-humored, and devoted, for most, to a sentiment of universal goodwill. As a ...
by Steve Harvey
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From TSM Contributor Lex Kahn: SECULAR: not religious, or not connected with religion – Macmillan Dictionary Online which is the kind of government we supposedly have. Clearly enshrined ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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Another day, another pie fight. Actually, last I checked in on the highly-rec’d diary that has spent most of the day on the wreck-list, it wasn’t much of a pie fight. It was mostly atheists, ...
by RickinStLouis
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As one who is deeply immersed in the culture wars, I sometimes surprise people when I tell them that I do indeed celebrate Christmas. How can an activist humanist (whose national secular group last ...
by Ahadave
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Glenn Beck and those on the Republican Right feel that America is based on Judeo-Christian values and identity. But this is a lack of deep historical understanding. Democracy was birthed in ...
by pangeaprogress
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The Secular Coalition for America has released a simple, five-question questionnaire to aid voters ...
by RandomActsOfReason
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Noah Efron's reveling piece in Foreign Policy gives us a close up look at the fault lines inside Israeli society.
by Lefty Coaster
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The recent tragedy in Haiti, and the many ways in which we are able to donate money and supplies to help those so horribly affected, got me to thinking about the issue of charitable giving and the ...
by rfall
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I've been having a thought that goes something like this: I feel like the "religious right" has the right questions but the wrong answers, and that the "secular left" has the right answers but the ...
by greywolfe359
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There has been and will continue to be debate about the formation of a "3rd" Party, and whether or not Palin and the vocal minority that support her are in the process of firing one up. Essentially,
by LeahLB
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I do apologize if this turns into a rant, though it may have been one in my head from its inception. I also apologize for my bad writing skills and hope I don't come off as arrogant. The purpose ...
by adamsmo
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Those of us in the liberal Catholic press owe a great debt to Bill Donahue and those who publish him for providing us with something to write about. The Washington Post published his latest screed ...
by Michael Bindner
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The tweets, the facebook updates, the youtube clips are all unanimous: The election was a fraud, the opposition won. However a critical analysis can determine that if ...
by rogue robot
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Recent reports tell us that for the first time in America, the non-religious are being recognized as a significant political constituency. The ...
by Valerie Tarico
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