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There are two major economic and budgetary issues which Congress must address in the lame-duck session or soon afterward. First, how do we reverse the decline of the middle class and create the jobs ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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The Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights held a hearing Tuesday on "Taking Back Our Democracy: Responding to Citizens United and the Rise ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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It’s a pretty sad day in our country when yesterday the United States Senate, during an endless “depression”, in the words of economist Paul Krugman, refused even to vote on a bill to end the ...
by connecticutpolitics
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In 49 countries around the world, including all of Europe, people have the opportunity of knowing whether or not they are eating food which contains genetically engineered ingredients. In the United ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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Hello. As many of you may know, Senator Bernie Sanders is my favorite Senator in the US Senate. Here is a man who never fails to support and defend our progressive values. He stands for us, the 99 ...
by Vote4Obamain2012
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Everything you never wanted to know about nuclear non-regulation and were afraid to ask... or How a 90-Day Plan Turned Into More Than 130 Days [and counting]
by Joieau
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The Constitution of this country has served us well, but when the Supreme Court says that attempts by the federal government and states to impose reasonable restrictions on campaign ads are ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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Today, you told the “Democrats stop caving in . . . ” to the interests of corporations, the ...
by Letsgetitdone
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Here is something we all can agree on: Federal deficits are a serious problem. Here is something no one seriously disputes: Today’s big deficits were caused mainly by big tax cuts for the wealthy,
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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Days after the tents were ripped out of Zucotti Park in New York, hundreds of Americans brought the fight for the 99% to the nation’s capital on Thursday with a “Wake-Up Congress” rally ...
by DMarans
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I want to alert you to a very important issue which needs your immediate response. As we speak, members of the so-called “Super Committee” are proposing a plan that would call for major cuts in ...
by US Senator Bernie Sanders
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The Occupy Wall Street protests are shining a national spotlight on the most powerful, dangerous, and secretive economic and political force in America. If this country is to break out of the ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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The crisis of poverty in America is one of the great moral and economic issues facing our country. It is very rarely talked about in the mainstream media. It gets even less attention in Congress. ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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Wonder if Meteor-Blades is seeing hopeful signs given that the President seems to be changing his campaign rhetoric. I agree with what MB wrote recently:
by divineorder
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Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt-I) offers his opinions on the Keystone XL Tar Sands pipeline.
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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Here's the GAO Audit ( PDF ). ...
by polecat
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In yesterday's New York Times, Charles Blow, one of my favourite opinion writers, wrote a brilliant and poignantly evocative exhortation to politicians of all stripes not to forget the poor in all ...
by Marianna76
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Bernie Sanders is really tired of Republican bullying on the debt ceiling. And he expressed how fed up he is about it on Lawrence O'
by Letsgetitdone
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In August, I attended a Bernie Sanders town meeting in Putney, VT. There were a lot of speakers, and I came armed with my camera, which can also do video capture. There's one segment in particular ...
by Julie Waters
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This week I attended a Bernie Sanders town meeting in Putney, VT. There were a lot of speakers, and I came armed with my camera, which can also do video capture. I've been slowly uploading it bit ...
by juliewolf
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