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I guess those who would like to abolish the separation of Church and State are jumping for joy with this latest SCOTUS ruling . However, be assured, their ecstasy will be short-lived if the ...
by thinkingblue
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" Vegetarian food may be good for you, but it can't make you see, what you don't want to see ." http://davidkeithlaw.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/our-last-lunch/
by samsoneyes
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To the people who really know how to say, in words, exactly what most of us freethinkers feel... I THANK YOU! ...
by thinkingblue
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And America May Be Singing "Hello Darkness My Old Friend". Here we go again, back to the dark ages! If SCOTUS rules in favor of religious control over the laws that we must live under... The long ...
by thinkingblue
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Big changes have come to my neck of the woods and the last couple of years have found me mostly absent from Daily Kos. I used to be quite a prolific diarist, I had a lot to say and still do, but ...
by Ellinorianne
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Not surprisingly, those who supported Mitt Romney this past election felt a bitter disappointment at his loss, the same feelings Barack Obama’s supporters would have experienced had he failed in ...
by R H Sheldon
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My husband and I were married 22 years ago at the Presidio in San Francisco, a traditional military service with my husband in his brand new 2nd Lietenant's mess dress uniform, myself in cream ...
by angelajean
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(I wrote this article in the early 1970s during the wind down of the Vietnam War, to which my husband was assigned while I stayed behind in Omaha with our two small children for a year. I still ...
by people power granny
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It's Christmas Eve in the Bracken household. I am completely absorbed by the family this morning, forgive me for this, but I imagine that it is Christmas Eve in most homes! Like many other families ...
by twigg
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The Republican Party has always represented HATE but during this presidential election period the GOP has gone over the cliff in the HATE category. Rick Perry is an example of this HATE and ANYONE ...
by thinkingblue
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Joe is sixteen years old. He lives in England, in a small village, with his brother, Tom, his Mum and two cats. Joe is still at school and doing very well. He has just achieved some very good ...
by twigg
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So I got married. It was fantastic. Seriously. GLBT people - do not accept anything less than marriage. We had a civil ceremony with a judge and it was perfection. We had the wrong kind of visa.
by Mortifyd
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Hi friends. No job offer from Killeen ISD. I wasn't even notified by them. Our wedding anniversary is coming up. It is August 23. We have been separated almost 6 months now. And I thought that ...
by math4barack
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The Secular Coalition for America has released a simple, five-question questionnaire to aid voters ...
by RandomActsOfReason
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Going through old journals, I breathe a sigh of relief that what I experienced then is no longer. I begged a Higher Power to help me leave an abusive and depressing relationship, but I never ...
by people power granny
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The recent Gods and Politics conference in Copenhagen adopted the following Declaration on Religion in Public Life . The conference was the first European event of Atheist Alliance ...
by RandomActsOfReason
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OK I've never done a "breaking" diary before but this is and it's heart breaking to me too. No, I don't know them personally but still.. After 40 years of marriage that seemed to have withstood the ...
by Vita Brevis
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Judge Walker of the Prop8 trial has allowed "friend of the court" ( amicus ) briefs to be filed by parties who want to weigh in on either side of the case. ...
by I T
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In a letter to the New York Times published on Saturday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) recommends ...
by Daphne Eviatar Human Rights 1st
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When marriages or long relationships end, they don't. Whatever you want to call these relationships, they keep on going in one way or another, good or bad, and we often walk and re-walk events and ...
by cany
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