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If Teabaggers and their GOP enablers are SERIOUS about their race to make America into a libertarian paradise like Somalia, they need to privatize local Fire and Police protection. Why should a few ...
by Simolean
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When President Obama was first choosing his Secretary of Health and Human Services, I couldn't imagine a better candidate than Governor Dean. I understood at the time that this was probably a pipe ...
by Arroz
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Last week Taiwan students occupied their legislature in protest over the ruling party's undemocratic railroading of a trade pact with China through a committee. The pact, deeply unpopular, is a ...
by Vorkosigan
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The State of Kansas could often be said to be one of those places where torturing your residents just makes sense. While the work against women, children, the disabled, schools and others continues,
by Chris Reeves
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From one end of this country to the other, people are wondering what they're going to live on when they retire. The recessiondecimated many 401(k) plans, and many families didn't save at all over ...
by petercgoldmark
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KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability,
by Ralphdog
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Nobody wants cuts in government services. Nobody wants increased taxes. Nobody wants to see the debt increase. Nobody wants deficits. Put simply nobody wants to deal with the reality with which we ...
by LWelsch
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Just an update on how things are going here on Baked Potato Island.
by Mortifyd
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So I said I was getting better - and I was, sort of. Then I found out today that if I actually have to have that $700 antibiotic to drive this infection out of my chest - I'll probably end up dead ...
by Mortifyd
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I read the article in “The Daily Beast” – The Path to Victory in November for Barack Obama and the Democrats by Michael Tomasky. One of the comments pointed out that President Obama doesn’t ...
by David Satterlee
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In what is, certainly, one of the most socially and politically pertinent and powerful interviews I’ve read in a very long while--at least if you’re a follower of Nobel Prize-winner and Columbia ...
by bobswern
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The True Colors Residence is ...
by rserven
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I happened on this one during my Sunday morning check of the West Coast weather (since I have to head out there this week--beach weather? Baseball weather?). California is often cited as the ...
by Tasini
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Caught this report earlier on the PBS News Hour site and then went searching for the report, given yesterday at the National Press Club. The press club still doesn't have anything but the ...
by jimstaro
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So today was the highly anticipated Community Action Fair for my county, held at the Seaside Convention Centre in lovely downtown Seaside, Oregon. Bus rides were free all day today throughout the ...
by Mortifyd
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So back to our semi-regularly scheduled essays on random topics about being poor in America in the 21st Century. I went to the doctor today to follow up on my depression and foot issues, and once ...
by Mortifyd
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Remember all that unemployment insurance that President Obama negotiated. Guess what? Those benefits are being held hostage again. How? The answer is simple, if the government is shutdown, the ...
by LWelsch
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My work as a home health care personal attendant and my own approach, at age 61, into the governmental intricacies related to Social Security, Medicare, and care for the elderly have brought a few ...
by akmk
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There's nothing holding you back now...
by Hy
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Grandstanding over the latest fake outrage is what republicans have proven time and time they do best. And of course, there is usually a conflict between reality and the very thing(s) they are ...
by clammyc
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