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From Gov. Walker's Friday "E-Update": As a part of our trade mission, The Water Council, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), and Veolia, an international water company based in ...
by Ludwig1251
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Troubling research shows that many common animals in the United States are capable of contracting Ebola. With Ebola-infected sewage already introduced into the landfills and sewer systems of at ...
by madsd
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Say it isn't so! Cliven Bundy - the Nevada anarchist, racist, and world-class government moocher who has admitted to illegally grazing on federal lands for 20-plus years - is also a hoarder. And a ...
by jtaylorpowell
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Monday night I was on David Calef’s great radio show Inside Politics when he shocked me with a new poll. Gallup, often thought of as a Conservative and Republican polling firm, had just come in ...
by StewartAcuff
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A 1990-1991 visit to one of John Todd's living machines treating sewage and septage with ecological systems design and without chemicals in Providence, RI. The mention of the MWRA (MA Water ...
by gmoke
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The Hopi Tribe filed suit in Superior Court on Friday, challenging a decision by the Flagstaff City Council to sell reclaimed sewage water to the ...
by Baba Bluesman
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Protestors chained themselves to 55 gallon drums filled with concrete to block construction of a controversial pipeline that would carry reclaimed sewage water from Flagstaff to the Arizona Snowbowl ...
by Baba Bluesman
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While reading and participating in this great diary about Newt Gingrich's preposterous new construct ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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It’s been a day. I met my friend, Jonathan at my house this morning at about nine. He has an old pick-up truck. I wrecked mine a few years ago coming home from an inipi ceremony...I poured ...
by socalmonk
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"You've reached Mr. and Mrs. Lowry. We're out of town while our house is being rennovated. If you could leave your name and number, we'll get back to you after the beep." BEEP! --- "Hi, Mr. Lowry?
by Rei
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This is not really a Pro-P or a Pro-I diary, but doesn't there seem to be something a bit askew over at the beeb?
by SteveP
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That's probably the most attention-grabbing headline I've had the opportunity to write. For those of you trying to figure out what-in-god's-name-he's talking about, it's actually the environmental ...
by BluePlatypus
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In the stampede to bring new infrastructure 'investment' programs onto the agenda of the incoming Obama Administration, Progressives are in the process of being seriously rolled by the Old Left, and ...
by Press to Digitate
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California and San Francisco have really outdone themselves this year. Our latest voter information pamphlet is actually a book about 1/2 inch thick, and that's only for the English version. We've ...
by grouchyfoglady
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As the greediest syndicates on earth haggle over a bailout for the new gilded age Dons, the mess in Iraq seems to diminish before our overwhelmed eyes. Being confronted with our own possible ...
by Vertwilliger Van Johnson
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This is great. I'll bet it passes!
by Angelfan
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This diary is cross-posted to my blog, where I've posted a great mock-up of a treatment plant emblazoned with ...
by MPetrelis
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The following are conceptual elements being submitted to the 2008 Democratic Platform through Barack Obama's "Listening to America" ...
by Press to Digitate
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All year long we have been subjected to an unending parade of frivolous, meaningless nonsense masquerading as "issues" in the Presidential campaign. The mainstream media repetitively parrots every ...
by Press to Digitate
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If Daily Kos was a British blog, a news item today would appear in the diaries here as illustrative of what we love about the quirkiness of your country (whilst fully acknowledging our own). It ...
by Welshman
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