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We aren't presented with opportunities like this too often, but these folks have the right idea. In 1980, Ronald ...
by Mike Stark
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I saw this in today's San Francisco Chronicle. A local political theater group has collected enough ...
by RepackRider
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Sometimes I really love my city . . . Mount Flushmore Story excerpt below~
by letsgetfree
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As at any other conference, delegates arriving at the 2007 World Toilet Summit in New Delhi are handed a tote bag full of schwag. Unlike any other conference, however, our bags contained two small ...
by dave praeger
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To carry the book openly or to stash it away, that is a question one faces when reading Dave Praeger's Poop Culture: How America is Shaped By Its Grossest ...
by A Siegel
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I was checking out slashdot , and found this reference to this one ...
by kazoo of the north
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[cross-posted at 2020 Hindsight and in an ...
by auntialias
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As the Minnesota bridge collapse plays itself out over the coming days, will anyone look at the bigger picture?
by historical wit
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This is cross-posted from the Poop Culture blog . For the first humans who gave up the nomadic life and settled into towns and villages, the ...
by dave praeger
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This is cross-posted from the Poop Culture blog . Last December, New Yorkers were given a taste of what the public toilets in Heaven must be ...
by dave praeger
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This is cross-posted from The Poop Culture blog . By the time World War I rolled around, most American cities could boast tremendous sewer ...
by dave praeger
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This was posted on the BM Newswire on PoopReport.com, where I am the editor. Please note that the author ...
by dave praeger
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According to The Philadelphia Inquirer , Pennsylvanian Republican Jim Gerlach (PA-06) ...
by Magnifico
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There have been a couple of diaries on the disaster at Beit Lahiya in Gaza where at least four people, two toddlers, an elderly person and a teenage girl, were killed by a "tsunami" of sewage. That ...
by londonbear
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by Carl Nyberg
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by seesdifferent
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by jillian
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by melvin
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