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Huntington's disease will be challenged....
by diverdonreed
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OND Editors OND is a community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around the world, sometimes coupled with a daily theme, original research or commentary. Editors of OND ...
by side pocket
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One of the most striking theories that the famous libertarian economist Milton Friedman put forth in his book Capitalism And Freedom was that economic freedom (a market free from government ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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by shortfinals
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Have you noticed the new trend among regressives regarding healthcare? Having lied for decades that America has the "best healthcare system" in the world, they have now begun a new lie - that the ...
by Whirlaway
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by shortfinals
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When I think of immigration reform in the US today, I think of people migrating here from across our southern border in search of work, usually for low-skilled and low-paying jobs --- such as farm ...
by Bud Meyers
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The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) just launched a multi-year project aimed at stripping away the biggest mystery associated with tax havens: the owners of anonymous ...
by Bud Meyers
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In an earlier diary, “ Bygone Days in a British Crown Colony ,” I told how my family came to live in Singapore for three years in the mid-1950s. If I’d recounted every memory I have of the ...
by Diana in NoVa
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It's late and I've gotta sleep, but did anybody see this ? Saturday in Poland and Singapore, Google started its "Legalize Love" campaign to legalize same sex marriage around the world. "Google's ...
by joeschmeaux
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Just in time for the unveiling of the Facebook public offering, Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin is renouncing his US citizenship and becoming a citizen of Singapore, instead. His spokesman has ...
by eXtina
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This is from September of 2011, and I was just stunned to view it. Jesus Camp was disturbing to me when I watched, this is just unbelievable. Hat tip to the Progressive Puppy blog for finding this.
by floridagal
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Living in Asia for the last 8 years I have been able to observe my home country (the United States) from a very different view. Not just being 13,000 miles away - but seeing the change in ...
by Exasperated Expat
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Over 10,000 pink-attired Singaporeans turned Hong Lim Park into a sea of pink, where they gathered – for the third year running - to form a giant pink dot in a show of support for inclusiveness, ...
by BFSkinner
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The aphorism “Distance lends enchantment” has a certain ring of truth: when I look back from the distance of almost 60 years, my life in the former British Crown Colony of Singapore seems like a ...
by Diana in NoVa
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It's election night in Singapore! It's one of the most contested elections in Singapore history, with the opposition contesting 82 of the 87 seats in Parliament. (Back in the last election, in 2006,
by Neil Sinhababu
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Every so often I check out Fridae which is the best source for LGBTQ news from around Asia. I thought some of ...
by BFSkinner
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EDIT 2: Via here: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1402706/Qantas-plane-in-mid-air-scare,-no-crash There were at least 430 433 passengers and 26 crew on board, ...
by AquaBreaker
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by ericlewis0
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China’s aggression in September after Japan seized a Chinese fisherman near the East China Sea islands claimed by both countries confirmed China as a burly international tyrant. The caution ...
by Leo W Gerard
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