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I've been active in politics for over 10 years, most recently as a Chief of Staff to a progressive State Legislator in Silicon Valley, California. But before that, I served as an public official ...
by Trisha Tahmasbi
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I contend that democracy is a caveat emptor proposition, and if more voters realized that going into the voting booth, there would be a lot fewer jaded citizens disengaging from the system on the ...
by KAMuston
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I found myself wondering the other day, how politicians got so crazy during my lifetime. And then I was reminded of Representative Marion Anthony Zioncheck, who toiled for almost a decade in lumber ...
by KAMuston
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I wonder how Breitbart will like it when the Magnifying Glass get pointed in his direction? Let's see, shall we? Maybe we can make his feet a little toasty ...
by jamess
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There was some News -- that has been 'Bigfooted' by Breitbart -- this week. News ...
by jamess
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Perhaps a sign of what's to come as the GOP fires up ...
by tytalus
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O'Keefe's latest sordid adventure is the smearing of the reputation of a former Teacher of the Year, Alissa Ploshnick of New Jersey, in a carefully edited anti-union video, "Teachers Unions Gone Wild.
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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He's using the popular hate of Wall Street to gain legitimacy for union-busting, school vouchers, and the rest of his far-right ...
by Tom Sykes
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I just got this email this morning, which consists of an anti-Muslim and anti-Obama email chain which was responded to by a Muslim American. I'm taking the names out of the response, in case this ...
by naltikriti
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by Jeffrey Feldman
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In my day, wingnuts took some pride in their attacks. The email character assassination campaign was a work of art. Remember the one about how Oliver North used his Senate testimony to warn about ...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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You guys dont pay attention to shit man, and both I and the republican party are sick of it. You have been told that Obama is a secret muslim, and you idiots dont care. Told that he will suicide ...
by qmastertoo
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Like you, I occassionally get one of those mass forwarded emails from a relative or acquaintance that is designed to play on fears, perpetuate false rumours, or tear down a political opponent using ...
by margeauxtex
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The other day I found an article about Barack Obama. Actually it wasn't really an article, it was a short piece that linked to a YouTube video, source by "The Right Perspective" radio show.
by winstnsmth
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Hop on over to TPM Election Central for the lowdown in print. Better yet, you ...
by Walt starr
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Good for Barack. In light of the Novack article perporting a "Whisper Campaign" by Clinton Campaign "Agents", I have something to say about this. There are those of us in the public, (regular ...
by irishamerican
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The term Canadian Model is carefully inserted into the health care debate by those trying to sell the benefits of universal, government sponsored programs. Well, our Republican Buddies ain't having ...
by Granny Doc
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(crossposted at BlueGrassRoots ) McConnell staffer Don Stewart decided to write a response to the criticism that McConnell ...
by cubswin39
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Graeme Frost has joined a pretty large club this week. He's joined MoveOn, Max Cleland, John Kerry, Michael J Fox, numerous US soldiers and others - people viciously attacked by the right merely for ...
by kevin lyda
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The timing is interesting. British Court Ruling on Errors in 'An Inconvenient Truth' Resurrects Global Warming Debate A new story just popped on ABC News that has been ...
by walkingdeer
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