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Representatives for law enforcement went before Congress recently asking for the ability of law enforcement to have access to a two-year archive of every American's text messages. But is this just ...
by ThisAmericanBacon
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"Obama believes killing children is a right until the umbilical cord is cut." "VP Biden mocks a fallen Navy Seal during memorial." "Obama denies protection to babies who survive abortions." "Stop ...
by Q Tip
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By Catherine Crump, Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project & Chris Calabrese, Legislative Counsel, ACLU Washington Legislative Office Last week the Justice Department ...
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Two pieces of news this week confirm that T-Mobile is doing its best to overtake Verizon as the least consumer-friendly wireless carrier in the US. First, a text-messaging company called EZ ...
by levjoy
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While there are plenty of opinions about medical marijuana, one that no one should have to care about is T-Mobile’s, or any other wireless carrier for that matter.
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by Caractacus
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Something is rotten in the world of mobile fundraising. Earlier this year, thousands of Americans donated to Haiti relief efforts, simply by sending text messages from their phones and ...
by levjoy
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Like a LOT of you out there, I've been absolutely astonished by the way Iranians have been using computers and smart phones to organize a moderate opposition to the government in Iran. I have to ...
by Britethorn
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Thanks to our friends at Mobile Commons, we now have an awesome new tool to find polling places from our mobile phones. Simply text in "pp [address] [zip]" to 69866 (replacing, of course, [address] ...
by Will Easton
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Well, that was awesome. After what was a pretty crafty campaign to suck up a bunch of phone numbers for their SMS campaigns by promising to tell their supporters the inside scoop on the VP nom-noms,
by shelbinator
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Cross-posted from CREDO Blog . Fortunately, posting here gives me a little more space to make my point than the 160 ...
by aaklaus
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I ran across this article in the Washington Post this morning on Chinese environmental activists who used text messaging to organize a protest against a new chemical facility:
by Kascade Kat
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by The 40oz Funk
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