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His campaign slogan in the SIT BACK AMERICA campaign. You can't -- Limit corporate and interest-group spending in campaigns. You can't -- Charge companies for carbon emissions. You can't -- ...
by 88kathy
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Late Friday, in response to a request from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, President Obama signed an order declaring Texas a disaster area . The action makes federal funds available from the Federal ...
by News Corpse
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The carbon divestment campaign - known also as the "Fossil Free" or "Keep it in the ground" movement - scored a victory this week. Norway's sovereign wealth fund is going to sell off holdings in ...
by AdirondackForeverWild
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Oakland's Mayor Schaaf is seeking outside expertise to assist with the squashing of dissent, enforcing her protest curfew, and improving her popularity. Pepper Spray Cop brings a wealth of ...
by potty mouth
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Inspired by these leather-clad patriots and their masterstroke of wit and satire, I was ready to fly to Arizona, go to a mosque, and get my sacrilege on. I had my crayons all set to draw some stick ...
by ThaMothership
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There are over 20 contenders for the Republican party's nomination for POTUS. The problem is how to narrow the field to 10 in such a way that is fair and does not exclude a potentially strong ...
by bernice85
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In a startling move, the GOP today announced that they feel the one person one vote rule is invalid. As many know, the Supreme Court this week announced it would hear Evenwel v. Abbott. to decide ...
by njhoo
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Thanks to a political system that includes such gems as Citizens United , individual people are able to donate practically a limitless amount of money in support of virtually any politician, ...
by pierre9045
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I had it written on a napkin somewhere, or at least I thought so.
by Dumbo
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Who wants to get married? Let's do it. Our odds of long-haul happiness will be no worse than anyone else's. We all know the claim that half of marriages conclude in divorce. True or not , I like ...
by SoyBueno
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It was an isolated incident, The circumstances rare. An unfortunate occurrence And not a cause for fear. It’s not a case of wrong or right And won’t occur again. What happened that ...
by Obama Amabo
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As you have probably seen, Oklahoma and Texas are suffering with extreme weather with flooding, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. The pattern of storms and flooding has been persistent for weeks ...
by Funphil
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Distressed by the all too obvious economic shortcomings of plans to seal the border against Mexicans desperate to be exploited by low wage employers, I took it in hand to make a shallow (very shallow)
by zendogbasso
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Look it up and stamp it out.
by aoeu
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There is an old joke about a new admittee to a prison or some such place. He arrives only to notice that in the common yard folks will call out numbers, like "1" or "13" and then everyone breaks ...
by Denver11
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Jethro turned his black Harley Davidson motorcycle into his Brother’s gravel driveway. He parked the Big Bike he called Razorback, walked up the front porch steps of the white frame farmhouse, ...
by Leah Sellers
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I'm writing to ask for help in a modest project. Some of you may have a laugh from time to time looking at the internet superhero 'Florida Man' feeds on twitter and reddit. I feel that between the ...
by cborgia
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As long as the state of Utah is seeking more efficiency in fulfilling its capital punishment sentences, perhaps it needs to consider slightly higher firepower so that it doesn't appear quite so "...
by annieli
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Nearly all of us have engaged in a natural, pleasurable activity that despite clerical, parental and scholastic warnings, [did not make us go blind. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0144246/] (Most of us ...
by Bethesda 1971
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The other day my girlfriend asked me if I ever thought about baby names. Did I have any preferences? I paused for a minute and said, "Well, there's sort of a tradition in my family that the oldest ...
by Dbug
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