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Put a conservative back in the White House and here is what we will do to take back this country for you, the people. This agenda will restore the proud dignity of our governmental institutions and ...
by Wilburhorse
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Widely distributed income and wealth and the power and influence they confer within the public sphere are VITAL to democracy and justice. Real democracy and justice will not, cannot exist when income,
by Words In Action
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Who remembers Maximum Feasible Participation (MFP)? MFP was a big part of the War on Poverty, declared by President Lyndon Johnson a half-century ago, before he wandered astray into escalation of ...
by Kent E Storyteller
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It's been over 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty, committing Federal Government attention and resources to the longstanding problem of poverty in America. Last year,
by Puddytat
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The Salt Lake City program Homes First , "is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 with this one simple idea -- Give them an apartment first, ask questions later ." The Daily Show takes an eye-...
by jamess
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In 2010 the Supreme Court declared that corporations are people. Yesterday, the Supreme Court declared that businesses can deny certain benefits for women based on the businesses religious beliefs. ...
by mcgoverngreatpatriot
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American progressives must recognize the urgent need to support and preserve the Venezuelan socialist revolution. The peaceful, democratically elected socialist government serves as a model for ...
by Justina
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Received an e-mail today from former Congressman and decorated Admiral Joe Sestak (D. PA) who compares a remark made by Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA) that is very similar to Mitt Romney'...
by poopdogcomedy
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Despite knowing how pathetic many people in our government can be, I was still surprised to see two particular Senators plea for aid for the victims of the tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma ...
by ashiftinconsciousness
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Language. We all use it every day, but how many of us realize when we are being used by it? Does that sound like a silly idea to you? The financial terrorists (they prefer “elite”) who currently ...
by ashiftinconsciousness
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The thing about labor unions that separates them from for-profit employment agencies is also the thing that makes unions effective at representing workers and the latter not: Democracy . Organized ...
by Troubadour
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A Strategy To Combat The Republican’s Attack On Unions You’re going to love this idea! I hope it gets to policy makers who can do something about it. It is pretty clear that the Republican ...
by Jack Ryan
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I am posting with updates this dairy . Please write to your elected officials. With the "Lame Duck" session starting very soon after the elections today and the possibility of negotiations over a "...
by jbob
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With the "Lame Duck" session starting very soon after the elections and the possibility of negotiations over a "Grand Bargain" looming. Now is the time to prepare for communication with your elected ...
by jbob
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When Martha Raddatz asked how Vice President Joe Biden's and Representative Paul Ryan's Catholic faiths inform their policy views, Joe Biden delivered the perfect contrast to Ryan's anti-choice ...
by HoundDog
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My mother died when I was 17. Part of my college was paid for by Social Security Survivor Benefits. While I was an active-duty Marine in the 1960's, I had free government health care. I finished ...
by teacherken
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Craig T. Nelson, 2009 Suzanne Mettler and John Sides, in the New York Times : We have unique data from a 2008 national survey by the Cornell Survey Research Institute that asked Americans whether ...
by Hunter
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The poor have a safety net, and RomRy wants to take it apart to make golden parachutes for them and their friends.
by cosumel
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Here's a fun photo one of my brothers sent me that is making the rounds on the tubz. I've tried googling these "Ohio Democrats" listed in the corner but don't find anything. In case the photo is ...
by HoundDog
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(Diarist’s Note: Economist Dean Baker has provided written authorization to the diarist to reproduce this post in its entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos community.) [http://truth-out.org/...
by bobswern
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