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The "legal framework" authorizing this war of choice ends today. The troops started heading home 'for the last time' just a few weeks ago, however ...
by jamess
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There is nothing more beautiful than an idea, an action that works. Such were the events in Egypt over the last 18 days. Soft power worked, was almost perfectly orchestrated and thus, has provided a ...
by yomamaforobama
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“WE WANT THE WORLD TO ADMIRE OUR SUCCESS.” I’m getting it. I am finally finding some alternative policies that would allow us to be ...
by yomamaforobama
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Sometimes the decision making process of the powers that be comes up with a problem so difficult it has to reach outside Washington to find solutions. In this case to a room full of very smart ...
by rktect
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President Obama has proposed a freeze on 17% of the discretionary items in the federal budget over the next three years. These cuts affect domestic social expenditures that improve conditions ...
by relentless liberal
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Last week Troubadour posted a nice diary on the Augustine Commission Report and the "Flexible Path" option for NASA writing:
by Bill White
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Barack's speech in Cairo was magnificent in many ways, but yesterday's election upset in Lebanon, and next week's possible ousting of Ahmadinejad are perfect examples of how a direct, honest, ...
by AikidoPilgrim
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Part ...
by WorkingClassHero
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Cross posted from The Left Anchor Here's something that stands out to me as being remarkably telling and fantastically uplifting about what we ...
by Big Blue
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One of my favourite hobby horses has been the impending end of the American Empire and how we would recognize it. It is an utterly unscientific and totally anecdotal theory, rather like one of those ...
by steelyman
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I just wanted to point you all to this article on abcnews.com that discusses the excitement felt by people around the ...
by tbounnak
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Fight or flight. Stay the course or precipitous withdrawal. Our public discussion is confined to various versions of these supposed opposites but there are other ways to deal with violence, other ...
by gmoke
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Iranian have been producing [http://www.iranchamber.com/cinema/articles/critical_history_iranian_film.phpworld-class film] for over a century. In the aftermath of the 6.6 earthquake that ...
by Orpheus
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There is a furor being caused by the fringe candidates in the 2008 presidential primaries on the issue of trade and the presence of America around the world. Several candidates, including Dennis ...
by Garet43
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Hillary Clinton indicated in the Drexel U debate that she did not know how you pursue al-Queda without engaging them in combat, as a rationale for keeping troops in Iraq longer. I will not focus on ...
by redstaterabroad
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Wapo: A coalition of far-left Indian communist parties has effectively killed the US-...
by kidneystones
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Maybe not a view, more like a glimpse... In early 05, we expatriated from Los Angeles to go and live in the department of the Aude, in Southern France, a region where wine growing and tourism are ...
by Lupin
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The Wapo rips George Bush a new one in a frightening analysis of the collapse of US soft-power over the last seven years. Today's analysis by the Denver Group made my hair stand on end. Each ...
by kidneystones
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So, as you might know, President Hugo Chavez has made it his personal mission to make Venezuela the largest garrison state in South America. His stated goal is to prepare his country to face a ...
by aussieyank
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by famulee gai
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