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Cynthia Shahan of Clean Technica reports Residential Solar Cheaper Than Grid Electricity In 25 States By 2015, Utility CEO States.
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Eric Wesoff , of Grenntechmedia , bring us the surprising and good news that solar energy production seems to have suddenly achieved grid parity in Utah in his article entitled,
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Harriet Green of Cityam reports Warren Buffett was spending $15bn on renewable energy. He’s now upped that to $30bn. Speaking at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las ...
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Often, when I get depressed, I scan for articles about developments in solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, and other kinds of renewable energy generation. Good news seems to be easily found in these ...
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Energy Matters ...
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China announced Monday that it plans to add an additional 10 gigawatts of solar energy generating capacity in 2013 after already more than doubling its total solar capacity for generating ...
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Earlier this week, MIT researchers announced the invention of a new kind of Low-cost, transparent, flexible, light solar cells, made out of thin graphene sheets coated with nanowires -- opening up ...
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I'm getting that "Here Comes the Sun" feeling again. Here's a "Solarview" of encouraging news from the solar energy industry to cheer us up this holiday season and maybe influence where you shop.
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Here comes the sun! Solar photovoltaic prices have fallen by two-thirds since 2008, fueling the installation rate to double each year for the last two, according ...
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Have you been intrigued and tempted by the dramatic 50% drop in the price of rooftop home photovoltaics over the last two years, but still hestitate to lock yourself into such a big commitment until ...
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Tom Schueneman, from Cleantechnica, reports that SunPower, Ford Announce Plan to Pair ...
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The federal government has recently announced it will scrap the unpopular means test for the federal subsidy for domestic ...
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