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Days after days, months after months, years after freaking years, violence seems to be up on the rise. Either I am not old enough, or I just never heard about these kind of attacks as often in 80s ...
by stopthinkthenact
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The key to most problems is the old "KISS" principal (Keep it simple stupid). While the pundits and "experts" create a host of complicated concepts to rescue the economy (ne - bailout) all are ...
by aboutmri
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Today, I was very proud to be a Democrat. I saw the Honorable Nancy Pelosi with many smart experienced people with great interests in saving the economic and providing support with market solutions ...
by guerchiotti56
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The FDIC already has the authority to guarantee the creditors for any bank. The FDIC merely has to guarantee the creditors for all our banks. This ends all the doomsday scenarios of one bank ...
by penguinsong
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This email has been spreading pretty quickly. But there are two major problems with it. 1. The math is wrong! Each person would get $425 (email claims $425,000). 2. If you read the entire ...
by barindersharma
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A simple solution to the "credit crisis".
by OutOnALimb
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It occurs to me that when confronted with a problem and the desire to construct a solution, that one needs to have a firm grip on the real nature of the problem. So join me in the hunt.
by drdave
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The "problem" is lack of visibility....a solution by Karl Denninger: > http://market-ticker....
by host
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Or, Dear Wall Street, Fix your shit now or else. I think I've got a free-market solution to the present crisis. I used to work at one of the ibanks in question, and I'm also a law student. What ...
by PzinkPanther
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I've just read Devilstower's wonderful explanation of what got us into the current economic mess. I am a physicist ...
by ebor
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It is simple enough. Instead of handing over billions of dollars to the Wall Street "pigs at the trough" how about giving the average homeowner a break. Instead of stabilizing the markets by ...
by Robert Crush
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Yesterday I wrote about something within my professional expertise - parenting - as it relates to Sarah Palin. Loyal's ...
by Loyal
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On this Friday, a good Friday, which brings us irrevocably towards a consensus candidate in the democratic party it would be a good time to take stock of both the good, the bad, and the ugly which ...
by marmaladefatty
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There are all sorts of scenarios, proposals and appeals concerning Florida and Michigan trying to find an acceptable compromise solution so those delegates can be seated at the ...
by Yousri
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Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Western powers, and in some cases, private organizations with the backing and support of Western powers, embarked on the colonialization and imperial rule of ...
by Robert Farrell
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I have been following the Democratic Party nomination Process for a long time now. And have followed the nomination race between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama. I think what happening ...
by Yousri
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The superdeligate arrangement is obviously antidemocratic, but there's also a problem with rebuilding the ship after it has set sail. A temporary fix could be to create the convention that the ...
by Stagarite
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For the longest time I have been called looney about using the Hydrogen in water as a fuel. This company just recieved its patent today for efficiently extracting Hydrogen from water as a fuel. Its ...
by rfrank118
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With hand-wringing over global warming becoming an Olympic event, we might as well do something about it. Here's a solution -- not a new idea, but an idea whose time has come. A side benefit is ...
by kos42
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