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With Apologies to any Rolling Stones Fans out there... I was listening to some Classic Rock when Sympathy for the Devil came on... and the Parody pretty much wrote itself... Hope you enjoy it. ...
by wasrepublican
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"Hand In Their Pocket" I’m broke but I dress well In debt but I’m flush I’m poor but I’m wealthy, yeah I’m young but I’m middle-aged I’m sly but I&...
by CalbraithRodgers
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I apologize in advance to the Diary Purists, because this is going to be a bit lacking in substance. However, Mrs. Praxxus stumbled across a YouTube video tonight that really does need to be shared.
by Praxxus
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I first posted this parody yesterday, and boy, was I suprised how SERIOUS many of the responses were. Whether you like it or don't like it, please remember, IT'S JUST A SILLY SONG!! If you like it, ...
by thincabout it
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I was “virtually” spanked recently for promoting my Hillary Clinton parody during what some members considered “a delicate time.” That was then, this is now. In the spirit of ...
by thincabout it
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For any of you high schoolers planning a prom theme this spring, I don't think you could possibly do any better than the following moving and passionate ballad. This slow dance will get you and ...
by TheJerk
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I've always been able to turn out a parody tune, but I've rarely put it to use other than the annual follies-style performance we put on at work for the yearly holiday party. But something about ...
by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal
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by Bring more on
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Full of flames again I fear As upon my mouse I clicked “Bill and Hil are corporate hacks.” “That Edwards is a dick.” “Obama’s worse,” some users curse &...
by CalbraithRodgers
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(originally posted at correntewire ) If you'll only look around, you'll ...
by vastleft
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With the Iowa Caucuses days away, and wishes for Christmas and the New Year filling our crania, my thoughts turn toward a certain gentleman from Tennessee. And my wish is that this millennial ...
by vastleft
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The news that Holy Joe has come out for a republican motivated me to dust off an old song parody from the last election. Originally, I was hoping the song could help sway a few more Connecticut ...
by CalbraithRodgers
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What else is there to do but laugh? Cave on torture. The House sells out Peru for silver and gold. Etc. Etc. Think about the Minimum Wage Hike, SCHIP, and taxes on hedge fund managers, take a ...
by muddydoggers
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(....as opposed to Lonesome Dove ) Donald ...
by nonnie9999
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Grab your coat and get your hat, Though someone blew up your doorstep,
by nonnie9999
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Neil Young's original song is entitled, "Fuckin' Up", which, for obvious reasons, makes it a good candidate for a song parody about George Bush. Here's a link to the original song:
by Bring more on
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DailyKos shack, that's where it's at People let me tell you about a place I know To get in it don't take much dough Where you can really do your thing, oh yeah It's got a neon sign outside that says ...
by Lew2006
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Today's my birthday. It's also the first full day of Chanukah (Jewish holidays start at sundown. There, this has now ceased to be a self-serving, self-indulgent bit of tripe since I threw in what ...
by nonnie9999
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little Kozzies, are you listening? In a cell, tom delay is glistening A beautiful sight We're happy tonight Walking in Pelosi Wonderland More below:
by Lew2006
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With the election of 2006 producing so many battles after Election Day, it put me in the mind of Andrew Jackson's post-truce victory in the Battle of New Orleans. Hope you are old enough to ...
by N0MAN1968
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