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CHRONIC TONIC posts on Thursdays at 9 EST, it is a place to share stories, advice, and information and to connect with others with chronic health conditions and those who care for them. ...
by Chronic Tonic
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He once was my cat. I loved him more than any animal before or even after. I met him at a shelter with my ex-gf and two young sons in Madison, Wisconsin. We had lived in family housing at the UW ...
by tecampbell
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This is a personal diary about honoring thy father and mother. It's also very hard to write as my whole being is exhausted, especially my brain. This is also a medical diary.
by Captain Janeway
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My sincerest condolences to the family of Stephen Tyrone Johns. I would like to ask someone to set up a paypal account so we can give some financial support to the family of Stephen Tyrone ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I think all of us here have, at one point in our past, decided to go down the rabbit hole. We have all learned that once you go down the rabbit hole, you can't come back. Or in Matrix parlance, many ...
by L Etranger
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I have fucking had enough. I continue to read of more and more families sliding into poverty and bankruptcy because of the damage the Republicans have foisted on our country. Not a day goes by ...
by Jaimas
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I'm too tired and broken to put links in this diary. You've all got google, it's not that hard. I needed to vent before I close my eyes tonight. I'm just cold. My sorrowful plea lies below the ...
by snafubar
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Who is Virginia? To most of you, she will mean little. To me, she was my mother. She died, after years of struggle with Multiple ...
by Laughing Vergil
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We offer this Litany of Ashes, Stones, & Flowers for use especially on Memorial Day. If possible, incorporate the names of Americans and Iraqis who have been killed in the Iraq war. There should ...
by Awaskow
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Many of you may or may not be aware of this. A massive tornado ripped through downtown Atlanta around 10 pm last night. It caused major damage to several sections of downtown, inflicting massive ...
by cabaretic
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I can never vote for Obama .
by bink
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I spent an hour with friends on a corner in a small town in upstate New York today. We were standing in a vigil that occurs each Saturday and started a long time ago. We aren't sworn at or flipped ...
by roots
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by CalbraithRodgers
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by wilbur
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by Bob Higgins
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by praedor
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