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Me encanta español. Español es una lengua muy fantástica y lógica.
by sreeizzle2012
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Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority by Tim Wise City Lights Open Media "To be white has been to take a lot for granted over the years, and to assume that our normal was everyone's normal; ...
by jmannatl
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Por favor, compañeros, ¡Ayúdame! (Rob Rimes) Back in 2008, Mitt Romney included a Spanish version of his presidential campaign site. Back in 2002, he had a Spanish version of his campaign site ...
by Meteor Blades
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This is a quamash (camas) meadow. You can see the life-giving camas plants as the violet-blue flowers. The major tree species are the sacred oak ( Quercus alba and other spp. ) and madrone ( ...
by Nulwee
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest (graphic ...
by BentLiberal
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ Picture a Mexican immigrant, and several images generally come to mind. The average American might imagine tacos and his or her gardener, for instance. ...
by Inoljt
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By Alina Peña Iguarán, edited by Jim Luce Claudia Saggiante Rangel formally began her studies in Art when she was 17 ...
by jimluce
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Welcome to Argentina, where protests of all kinds make the news, including, it seems protests that take place in New York City! The well-known ...
by angelajean
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The following is by David Swanson, important cross-post from War is a Crime. , with Center ...
by Ralph Lopez
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Not really, but I'm trying. Whenever I use a government service in Arizona I’m only going to use my absolutely horrendous Spanish. Why?
by UTRepub
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Stick with me folks, this is eventually going to come down to language.
by pvlb
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Fox news is talking about this, so of course I get to hear about it from Certain Coworker, a die-hard conservative who hasn't caught on to the fact that pushing her political agenda results in the ...
by Fandragon
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While many of you back in the States have been rightly very focused on the recent midterm elections, I have been in Europe fulfilling my college major's requirement that I spend a semester studying ...
by billyleeblack16
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Sometimes all you need as a reader is a voice to show you the way. For my English Language Learners, they often don't have someone who can read with them. With the right materials, they'll never ...
by Ruben Salazar
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Originally posted at Citizen Orange .
by kyledeb
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I am going to take he plunge and add my two cents worth to the so called "immigration debate". I use quotes for more than one reason. First of all it is hardly a debate. Moreover, the issue has ...
by don mikulecky
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It is becoming more and more apparent that these new pieces of anti-immigrant legislation are functioning as conduits for racism and hate in ways that are extremely disturbing. Arizona 
by Lets Breakthrough
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Well, not fluently. I had three years of Spanish instruction in high school, and heard it off and on growing up, but I can't really "speak" it. I used to blame my mother for this; she's Tejana, ...
by ariseatex
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Aside from calling immigrants illegal, the second strongest irritation I feel in the immigration debate is the whole question of "They Should Just Learn English™". More below the fold....
by pvlb
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Well, honey, the cops aren't so sure it's really a "Support ...
by kravitz
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