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Also Titled, "A Few Things That I Learned About Iraq from Ted Koppel Last Night" Ted Koppel appeared for a special report on Brian William's show Rock Center last night. It it he presented a ...
by New Minas
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Drip, drip, drip, ""He recalled noting that: "the dog didn't bark - it grizzled." Don't ...
by jimstaro
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That's the headline from an article in The Observer yesterday. It describes an honor killing in Basra, where a 17-...
by ragged claws scuttling
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A father barbarically kills his own daughter, with the help of his two sons, her brothers... while the mother looked on, ...
by gooderservice
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Conn Hallinan who is a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist has a writeup over at Foreign Policy in Focus , go figure. It's ...
by jimstaro
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Please forgive me if this has been linked already - I was out-of-town for a couple of days, and just saw this article this morning.
by Orange County Liberal
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When not in court, I usually keep one of the two cable news stations on in the background of the office, just to keep the little finger on the pulse of this place. Today, General -B- Petraeus ...
by agnostic
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In their testimony before Congress today, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan ...
by Jon Perr
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To read today's news I fear it may be. Via Reuters and Yahoo News BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's prime minister raised the ...
by nklein
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Last Sunday, when Moqtada al-Sadr announced a ceasefire that he'd reached with the Iraqi government, it seemed pretty ...
by smintheus
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Toward the end of the most violent month in Iraq since last August (nearly one thousand dead Iraqis), Michael Ledeen threw down the jam with these shrewd observations: If the Iraqi ...
by Compound F
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Leith Kubba, former government spokesman for Iraq, and Yahia Said, of the London School of Economics, are discussing Maliki's actions in Basra with Gwen Ifil on Jim Lehrer's News Hour. Kubba ...
by MozartVio5
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when we first went into Iraq 5 years ago, some of my lowest level students were absolutely certain that the only reason we were doing do was because of oil, despite anything to the contrary said by ...
by teacherken
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I did not make this up: John, My mom was a delegate in Dallas this past weekend. She arrived at 7AM and didn'...
by Eternal Hope
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On Sunday, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) showed once again that President Bush, John McCain and their conservative amen corner can't ...
by Jon Perr
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On Sunday Nouri al-Maliki admitted defeat in his attempt to crack down on Moqtada al Sadr's Mahdi Army in Basra. Maliki had begun the week demanding that Mahdi forces surrender within 72 hours, ...
by smintheus
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This is not Maliki's offensive. This is Dick Cheney's. If, after eight years of Bushco, you think that something happens "accidentally" with them, that there are just "coincidences" in what they ...
by Inky99
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In a slick move, Shiite cleric M. al Sadr ordered his forces off the streets in the Southern provinces of Iraq. Though the Jaysh e Madhi is splintered, and there may be factions that do not obey ...
by boilerman10
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In the swirling violence that has now spread across the southern half of Iraq, Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army gang of thugs is now [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=
by Brandon Friedman
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The Tuzla pilot who flew Hillary Clinton into Tuzla speaks out:
by Eternal Hope
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