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Okay, has the world just gone batshit crazy? First we have the Ferguson policeman killing an unarmed young man, followed by one of their officers calling protesters "fucking animals," and now there'...
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I do not want my life guided by fear, but I can't help but be afraid. The musings and threats we hear from the "right-wing", whether its a talk show, web-site, diatribe on Facebook is something that ...
by Madison County Mandy
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by Troubadour
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I am one of those female vets you read about. One of them. I won't go into detail, but lets just say some bad things happened to me while I was in the service. Things that left me with PTSD. I ...
by GreenMother
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Although attitudes are slowly changing, illegitimacy is still a sensitive topic in Uganda, and the stigma attached to children born to unmarried parents remains strong. Such children say that being ...
by Global Press Institute
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It's been said before but the current crop of Republicans care more about making Obama and the Federal government look bad than anything else. The Republicans in Congress really just don't want to ...
by Steven D
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Dear Thief, I'm not sure whether you read the Daily Kos; if you do, I don't know whether you're part of that 25% of every front-page poll -- you know, the respondent pool expressing admiration for ...
by Swill to Power
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Yes, I am saying it. It needs to be said. 23 And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciples, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! 24 And ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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While I was away on business, my wife called to tell me we had received a note from Fannie Mae saying that our mortgage, which we recently refi’ed , had been sold by our bank to Fannie Mae,
by runningdoglackey
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Not yet convinced that Republicans are nothing more than self-serving UnAmerican Treasonous Bastards? Limbaugh on Chicago Olympic elimination: For those "upset that I sound gleeful, I ...
by aaraujo
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Let's start with everyone's favorite topic...How are we torturing people today? Oh wait...we aren't... "This government does not torture people. We stick to U.S. law and our ...
by wah
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....or: “My Unhappy Duty As An American Patriot” Because I am a patriotic American, however discouraged, people make fun of me. Because I really am shocked by things ...
by dlawbailey
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I recently wrote a diary about a CIA agent (retired) who was rewarded a job that exceeded his worth. At least, his worth to our country. But in that diary I failed to explain, or to make clear, ...
by edscan
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by tombeard
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by Nathan Hammersmith
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by Nathan Hammersmith
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