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I don't use twitter myself. And I've never ever taken a selfie. And I spent the entirety of January and February working on the autobiography project. So I'm probably quite slow on the uptake and ...
by rserven
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this is the Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog where the Dailykos community gets together to talk about all things construction and repair. Our genial and expert staff stand ready to aid you on your ...
by exlrrp
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Warning, lots of pictures ahead of a head. Teehee. This is the tile mural that started it all. We bought this 12 tile mural in the early 1990's. It sat in a box in various closets over the ...
by art ah zen
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Following closely upon the paint-splattered heels of last week's ejoanna-shallow-diary (dream kitchens; remember?) we have the dream bathrooms edition. And a few thoughts on the "end" of Summer.
by ejoanna
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It's name is the Student Success and Opportunity Act , but it is also known also known as AB 1266. And its opponents call it "the bathroom bill." The law prohibits exclusion of transgender ...
by rserven
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WND has cast rights for transgender students as a War on Children . A video, produced by WND, featuring an asshole named Molotov Mitchell, mocks the new California law to protect transgender ...
by rserven
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It's time to update some stories which I covered at the time they started. We will be traveling to Hollywood, CA ( the assault of Vivian Diego ), Albany, NY (
by rserven
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5 of these links were earlier shared at The Motley Moose OND is a community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around ...
by jlms qkw
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The Federal Aviation Administration has amended its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners to change the medical certification process for transpeople. The psychological testing previously required ...
by rserven
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The University of Pittsburgh, like all colleges, has an anti-discrimination policy. Being more advanced than some colleges, Pitt's policy includes a prohibition on discrimination "on the basis of…...
by rserven
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After 130+ trans-inclusive ordinances in North America , some dating back as far as 1975, there ...
by DentedBlue
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It became official yesterday afternoon when New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch signed a bill into law, making New Hampshire the sixth state to allow same-sex marriage. Lynch, a Democrat, personally ...
by Moonflowrr
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Well, it looks like Florida has another fight on it's hands when it comes to LGBT rights. Apparently, Gainsville passed a law that allows transgender folks to decide which bathroom they want to use ...
by Leslie123
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Picture yourself as a transgender person, going out dressed as your new gender, when “nature calls.” Then picture yourself going to the restroom, only to by stopped and informed you ...
by Moonflowrr
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It's been fun watching C-Span these last few days.
by Stop Pandering
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The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is going to begin installing new stall ...
by guyermo
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