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I tend to be a locavore, which means I stay away from Starbucks and head to the local coffeehouse. But as I sat there the other day, struggling with a sketchy wifi connection and wondering why the ...
by lawrencegoodman
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Starbucks acquired the Ethos water brand 10 years ago. According to Starbucks , "Ethos® Water was created to help raise awareness" about water access and works to "provide children with access to ...
by FaithGardner
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My favorite epigram is from Voltaire: the perfect is the enemy of the good. I like the way it encapsulates a deep truth, that nothing is perfect, that fault can always be found, that often doing one��
by arlenegoldbard
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Photo by Omar Willey @ Seattle Star Note: I retain the copyright to this article. It is an April Fools Day satire article originally published @ Seattle Star April 1, 2015 http://www.seattlestar....
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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When K-cups first came out I, like many older coffee drinkers (I'm 45), was under-whelmed. It wasn't a matter of taste as, being a graduate student, I was content to buy whatever coffee was on sale ...
by NotAhab
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Commentators on the left had plenty to say about Starbucks' #RaceTogether plan to address the complex issues of racism with your cup of coffee. Even Starbucks' baristas weighed in on what a ...
by Rachel191
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Check out my site, Claytoonz . Follow me on Twitter . Tell me what you think of Starbucks' effort here. Good? Bad? Eh?
by claytoonz
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Last week, Starbucks announced its "Race Together" initiative, intended to encourage discussion of race in the U.S. between baristas and customers. It didn't go over so well. Racism, and the ...
by Doctor RJ
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In the annual Budget statement on Wednesday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) confirmed the introduction of the so-called "Google tax". This prevents multi-national companies from ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently published an open letter sharing his thoughts on issues of race and injustice in America and his hopes for how Starbucks could facilitate open conversations ...
by Shaun King
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I've been in awe over the past few months as we've reached 33 states with marriage equality. I would have never imagined I would see this in my lifetime, especially given where we came from - near ...
by fcvaguy
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Ottawa on the morning of the shootings, and Ottawa the morning after. http://davidkeithlaw.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/the-morning-crew/
by samsoneyes
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The Starbucks Union pulled off a minor coup late Wednesday. They got one brave worker a microphone, and let him loose on the CEO. In a two minute conversation, the worker raised a number of issues:
by OllieGarkey
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Going to keep this short and sweet. Starbucks announced they will reimburse full tuition for employees' to finish their last two years of college, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Specifically, Starbucks will ...
by FraidKnot
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Texas-born comedian Ron White has used the phrase: "You can't fix stupid" in his act for years. It's the title of one of his comedy albums. It's also a good description of some of our fellow Texans:
by TexasBill
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The "Double Dutch with a Swiss Side" is not on the menu at Starbucks. It is a tax avoidance scheme they have now been forced to abandon at least in part after pressure from the UK tax authorities, ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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Those who enjoy Starbucks' VIA line of instant coffee products might want to think twice next time they are keen for a caffeine fix. The international coffee giant is moving its VIA factory from a ...
by james321
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It was once said, by that grand dame of American etiquette Emily Post, that knowing how to properly enter a drawing-room is one of the surest tests of good breeding. As with all matters pertaining ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Is this sincere, maybe abit of a guilty conscious, or maybe just corporate flag waving patriotism memes that's shown, corporate and civilians served, throughout this past decade plus and two long ...
by jimstaro
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it gets pretty funny. Starbucks sent a cease and desist letter to a tiny brew pub in a tiny town and got the mother of all sarcastic replies. I'm guessing their business might pick up after this.
by althea in il
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