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You might be surprised how many adults there are across the Nation "who think global warming is happening?" (63%) Even the State with the lowest score to that Question (WV), had a Majority of 54% --
by jamess
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In this year's race, national polls show a tie, while state polls show a decisive Obama advantage. The discrepancy has interested many commentators on the right: Karl Rove , Ross Douthat . ...
by mindgeek
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Recently, Nate Silver ran the numbers on state polling in Presidential election years and found this interesting statistic: that every single time a candidate has been ahead in the aggregate of ...
by Rolandz
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Yesterday, in my journal Real Clear Politics, Horse-race Media, and Why You are Falling for a "Close Race" , which reached the recommendation list and achieved good discussion, we showed why Real ...
by beholderseye
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In Pennsylvania, Obama by 7, 52-45. http://www.mcall.com/news/elections/all-election-president,0,155695.htmlpage (See bottom right of page). Nearly all the closing in PA has been McCain ...
by Paleo
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Eye opener is North Carolina. With less than a week of campaigning left, Democrat Barack Obama is holding stable or growing leads over Republican John McCain in Nevada, North ...
by Paleo
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I know this site has the potential to become a hand-wringing melodrama as some of the poll numbers tighten. Let's keep some things in perspective.
by FightingRegistrar
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We are in the home stretch of this campaign, and there are so many polls out now in these anxiety filled closing days that many of you may be getting dizzy as you go through manic and depressed ...
by Doctor Who
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With virginia looking completely bleak many political analysts now suggest the only way to victory for McCain is to win back Virginia where he is down 10 points in the polls or to win Pennsylvania.
by AlexXx
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Using the final RCP averages in battleground states: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/Presidential_04/RCP_Electoral_Count_Final.html and comparing them to the actual results we get: Average ...
by jpmassar
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Well, I clicked over to RCP just now and I did a double-take when I saw this...
by Chanky
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AP/GfK poll (the one that had it a one point race nationwide a week or so ago) has polls out of likely voters in 8 states. Obama is leading in all of them: 18 in New Hampshire, 12 in Nevada and ...
by Paleo
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Welcome to October, 2008 - 31 days till the Presidential election. Obama's ahead, the clock is ticking, and everyone's waiting to see what McCain has up his sleeve - the dreaded October surprise. ...
by Blottsie
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ARG just released polls for 25 states. I don't see any major suprises here. I like how we are polling in WV and LA. Sorry for the short diary, also if this was diaried before sorry because I ...
by jbjowe
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There are now two polls that have come out this week showing Senator Obama leading Senator McCain, although by slim margins. The recent SUSA poll shows Obama leading 50-46. A new poll released today ...
by winner21
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As indicated yesterday, ARG has come out with polls in more than two dozen states. The good news for Obama was already out yesterday--he's ahead in New Mexico and only two down in Montana and four ...
by Paleo
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Yes, McCain/Palin have been kicking ass in the National Tracking Polls for the past week or so. No, these polls are not insignificant. But they are not as important as the state polls.
by rhodeislanddemocrat
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I sit here wondering how it is this country let itself go so far down the path to Orwell's 1984. And I am grateful at this moment for the internet and for this site in particular. Because even if ...
by rhodeislanddemocrat
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Perhaps this will shut up the concern trolls spouting "Obama sux" based on a single post-convention bounce poll that is almost definitely an outlier.
by sulthernao
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Today's CNN/Time state polls of Colorodo, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Nevada show a good, solid shift to Obama. These polls, which I read at realclearpolitics.com reflect phone calls made from 8/24-
by rhodeislanddemocrat
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