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UK comedy, like the US has many different layers. And while you have stolen some of our best efforts over the years, "The Office" being the latest ...
by britobserver
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Undeterred by their savage humiliation on the topic of Stephen Hawking and the NHS, domestic ...
by The Termite
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After being caught with their pants on fire lying about Stephen Hawking, they now changed the names on the story to an American. Lance got the care he needed and went on to do great ...
by lawnorder
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According to the deathers, if Stephen Hawking had been born and raised in the UK, he would have been euthanized, ...
by Jed Lewison
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As has been well documented here , Investors Business Daily wrote a ridiculous editorial last week against health care reform ...
by JohnCos
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Glenn Beck has already solidified his position as the Evangelist of the Coming Obama-Pocalypse . Now he is pioneering a ...
by KingOneEye
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Timing couldn't be better. Stephen Hawking, a living example of socialized medicine, is one of 16 great civilians receiving the Medal of Freedom today. Got to whitehouse.gov/live to watch. (H/T ...
by in2mixin
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Which the editorial board of Investors Business Daily obviously is, as they allowed this to be printed on their pages.
by Joan McCarter
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When Investor's Business Daily attempted to scare readers away from "socialized medicine" by claiming Stephen ...
by Nuisance Industry
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In a diary yesterday Epic, EPIC Anti-HC Reform FAIL , MLDB pointed out an Investors' Business Daily editorial on health care reform ...
by Dave in RI
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h/t TPM Or maybe a better title for this diary would be "Ouch, teh Stupid...it Hurts!"
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I don't know about you but in this whole, what passes for a debate, on health care reform Stephen Hawking wasn't even on my radar screen. Anyone who has ever listened to him or ...
by Clytemnestra
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The White House has named sixteen men and woman to receive the 2009 Medal of Freedom, and in a refreshing change from the past ...
by Barbara Morrill
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As the progressive community gears up to fight against the inevitable right-wing demagoguery of President Obama's first Supreme Court nominee, I'm reminded of an oft-repeated philosophical allegory. ...
by ryeland
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For all those hung up in the torture diaries(no pun intended), maybe you have missed this Stephen Hawking Rushed to ...
by graycat13
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I decided to use my dairy to show a couple of videos. First, the Rove-Bush-Cheney-McCain spin team is trying to say that an Obama ad is making light of John McCain's war injuries. The Jed Report ...
by onanyes
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Friend, I am writing to tell you about my new environmental film, “The 11th Hour.” The film documents the environmental crises we face and the solutions we must begin to implement. ...
by 11th Hour Action
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Good evening, all. This is a human interest story, quite unusual for me. But I have a link to it as you will see shortly. Professor Hawking is perhaps the largest intellect of our time. He is 65 ...
by Translator
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Watch online Bill Moyers' new investigation: Buying the War . The Senate passed legislation ...
by Magnifico
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I have been a harsh critic of President Bush’s plan to return to the moon because it would be superfluous, redundant, and expensive—and, most importantly, it would steal money away from ...
by R o o k
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