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The far right's hatred of President Obama once again trumps the national interest. Obama Derangement Syndrome spiked again last week over Ebola , after a man from Liberia was diagnosed with the ...
by Richard J Rosendall
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The morning after the hosts of Fox & Friends treated video of Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancee unconscious ...
by Laura Clawson
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Fox and Friends achieved a record-setting industry low, yesterday, for overall execrable bad taste and gross politicization in the cable news category, with a totally awesome combined score of -500.
by BetteNoir
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Ed Klien told Fox & Friends that Bill Clinton plotted to use his death to help Hillary become President. And because Fox & Friends hosts: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy & Brian Kilmeade are stupid,
by TeamSarah4Choice
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Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the news about Chipotle banning guns inside their stores and how the pro-gun crowd has gone to extremes to try and stop the smart gun . STEVE DOOCY (4/9/2014): ...
by BruinKid
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Peter Sinclair and the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media have put together an amazing video that succinctly explains how the eastern half of the United States can be so cold in the midst of ...
by Laurence Lewis
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It's Thursday and that means that just like every other day, Republicans have a lot of crazy things to say. Enjoy your round-up. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has a unique job creation plan: ...
by The Big E
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Last night, it was Stephen Colbert's turn to mock Fox News for bashing the idea of climate change. This country remains in the grip of the polar vortex, that today has brought New York temperatures ...
by BruinKid
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Today all the right wing reaction to the Duck Dynasty kerfluffle that you can stomach. For the safety of your stomach, it's all below the splash of spilled orange duck sauce. Former MA Republican ...
by The Big E
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This is charming. Ignoring the fact that the Obamacare insurance exchanges don't even open until Oct. 1 and coverage in them doesn't kick in until Jan. 1,
by Laura Clawson
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I have to admit, I really am entertained by the History Channel these days, although I wish there were more history than is being shown on television. My favorites: American Pickers American ...
by pipsorcle
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This morning on FOX and Friends, they had another one of their fear-mongering "anti-God secularists are coming to get you" segments. The big horror this time, apparently, is that the Daughters of ...
by AndrewR9
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Laura Ingraham went on Fox & Friends and proceeded to insult the President, the Democrats and, in fact, the entire electorate. Media Matters has the video (sorry, I couldn't get it to embed). ...
by Steven Payne
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It's bad enough that Fox News essentially imposed a blackout on Hurricane Sandy coverage once it became apparent that President Obama was receiving major kudos both in polling and from stalwart ...
by Dartagnan
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After being off for two days because of Hurricane Sandy, Jon Stewart was back last night to talk about how government CAN work and be competent when politics is removed from the equation. Did you ...
by BruinKid
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The level of ignorance being promoted on Fox News is really astounding. This week on Fox and Friends regulars Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and guest Stuart Varney shared a few of their ignorant ...
by Lefty Coaster
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During the second debate, the president was laughing all the way to the bank. Do you remember that ...
by Dante Atkins
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It's pearl-clutching time again at Fox "News." And this time, it's because they are appalled—appalled, I tell ya—at the level of contempt directed at women by Stephanie Cutter, President Obama'...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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I decided to, for the first time ever, watch the Fox News morning show today, just to see what they had to say about last night. It is galling that these people actually get paid to do what they do ,
by napalminthemorning
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Tuesday night, Lewis Black appeared on The Daily Show with his Back in Black segment, and gave an uproarious monologue about all of the out and out lies that are showing up in campaign ads this year,
by hungrycoyote
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