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Update NATO bully UN Blue Helmets As pertinently point out by Arken the first title implies too much prejudice (West plots) and radicalism (to supplant) therefore belonging to ...
by Snowy Owl
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I've been watching an interesting nexus of the Tea Party planners and racist organizations. Tea Party movement, at least in part, is an offshoot of the Ron Paul campaign, which was enthusiastically ...
by googus
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I posted a link the other day to an article by writer Dennis Roddy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He had delved deeply into the disturbing background of cop-killer/Obama hater Richard Poplawski:
by wardeo
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Some of us over the past few days have been working together "sleuthing" the internet for anything related to Richard Poplawski. I can't speak for others, but my interest was driven by the fact that ...
by fcvaguy
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I am really sorry to do this, but now our own reality has lapped our satire. It should not surprise you that it happened in I/P. This was never intended to be a series. It started ...
by dhonig
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I shouldn't have to read titles like this -- Israelies ram Gaza relief boat carrying former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney --
by ObamaLovingExDemocrat
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I recently posted a diary commenting on the selection ...
by Jingo
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If the GOP thinks it's going to be reviving itself, I don't see how it can afford to turn away those who want to participate. Yet, Derek Black,
by greggp
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It didn’t take a crystal ball to know that with an Obama win white supremacists and racists would have a great deal of emotional angst to deal with. It didn’t take Sarah Palin and John ...
by Clytemnestra
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A quickie: So, the other day I whipped up a quickie one-page website at http://www.mooseinheadlights.com depicting side-by-side comparisons of Sarah Palin's "Bush Doctrine" moment with the infamous "
by Brainwrap
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I'll just cut right to the chase here: Ron Paul to be honored as ...
by The Termite
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You know, this was the first time I had ever followed a link to Little Green Footballs. But there it was, proof-positive that Ron Paul gladly hangs with these haters, like Ron and Derek Black of ...
by blksista
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For those who don't know about Ron Paul, this should clear up his White Supremacist connections. Paul defends the donation and says he's going to use it for his campaign.
by GlowNZ
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Sundown Towns are a rarely discussed aspect of American racism that have a legacy that continues to this day. It basically meant that African-...
by Daisy Cutter
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by danger durden
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by daninsc
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