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Being in the middle of a national promotion campaign for a record launch in 2 days, I've been required to self-google several times a day to catch radio station playlists, review posts, etc. Today, ...
by Crashing Vor
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When the FCC was considering whether to regulate the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, Twitter came out strongly in favor of the new regulations. According to a post from ...
by CALinnovates
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Progressives have promoted net neutrality for years, asking our elected Democrats to establish it as the law of the land. Unfortunately, since Democrats didn't act when they had the chance, ...
by NewtC
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The Commons TV is a non-profit, non-commercial Internet television channel built on the PBS model. It is not Public Access, we take no government money and answer only to the communities we serve. ...
by snackdoodle
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Since April I have been working to get a community television station streaming on the Internet. Tonight after a number of set backs and unforeseen issues we are finally streaming at https://new....
by snackdoodle
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Every other week it seems like there's an article about the death of the music industry, or the death of newspapers, or the death of television. Nothing lasts forever, and that's especially true ...
by Doctor RJ
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Music streaming is the Internet version of radio, not thievery - and getting rid of it will make it harder for new artists to get exposure. Cross posted from Pruning Shears .
by danps
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Well, this is certainly disturbing. Not content to have learned from the last bout of mass-activism that killed SOPA, the Obama Administration has revived several pieces of this odious legislation, ...
by Jaimas
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Until recently, my wife and I watched rented movies on an ancient DVD player. Yes, we actually went to Blockbuster (when it still existed), picked out a movie and hoped to God our dinosaur of a DVD ...
by CALinnovates
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Demand Progress issued a release about S. 978, the "Ten Strikes" Act a few weeks ago. When, within days, hundreds of people were spreading the word about why it is so dangerous, we took the ...
by DemandProgress
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Why are English soccer professionals more likely to be born in the months of August-October, while Canadian hockey professionals are more likely to be born in the months of January-March? Why are ...
by NCrissieB
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UPDATE 2 Austin American Statesman said today that a family that streams 7.25 hours of video (that's 3 movies folks) will see an increase in their bill of upwards of $200. This is ...
by moneywrangler
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Update: Why wait for the transition team to make mobile streaming of the inauguration happen when, as I wrote ,
by dmitcha
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Ok, a bit melodramatic, just a bit of fun after all. But my favorite streaming station is very important here to me. A bit of home when travelling. I do remember the 'old days' (20 years ago LOL) ...
by tony the American Mutt
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Internet Radio is like blogging for audio (music and talk) in its promise of leveling the playing field for reaching people around the world. Internet Radio is so cheap, and becoming so easy, that it'
by DocGonzo
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As published at Slashdot , in its " Your Rights Online " section: New ...
by DocGonzo
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by sterno
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