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I am old enough to remember folks in the 80's who referred to buff guys with mustaches as "Clones". They were. They looked just like every other gay man. "Clones" indeed. One of the things that ...
by commonmass
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There's a pack of bears that live in the nearby forest. They steal a few of your crops each day. That's to be expected - they're bears, they take what they want however they can. It wouldn't be ...
by Ryan in FL
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A few days ago Bonddad basically did a call-out diary to all skeptics on the ...
by gjohnsit
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Da Coach. Iron Mike. Ol' Ass-Puncher. The same man who once flirted with carrying the GOP Banner into a Senate seat battle vs. Barack Obama and introduced Sarah Palin at a 2008 rally has decided ...
by Chicago From the Lake
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I'm up too late, tomorrow's the first day of school with the kids, and I'm too wired to sleep because I read an article in the local paper about the hideous practice of bear-baying, or bear-baiting, ...
by Black Max
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RKBA is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some of us are extreme ...
by R K B A
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Originally written for the Women's Media Center blog . Dear Ms. Palin, ...
by sallykohn
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It was inevitable. We all knew it would happen as soon as visitors were allowed to carry guns in National Parks. We now have the first resulting fatality. On May 28 the first shooting ...
by cityduck
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Wildlife Advocates say "Having Palin host a nature program is like having Michael Vick host the Dog Whisperer " WILLIAMS, OREGON (March 30, 2010) –
by bigwildlife
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by bigwildlife
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Proposals would declare "open season on bears" by eliminating limits on the bear hunt quota, opening new areas in the state to bear hunting, and permitting the use of GPS devices and ...
by bigwildlife
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Don't know? Don't talk. And definitely don't do. Time for ...
by detoxicon
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1960 - The United States imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba covering all commodities. 1984 - Four U.S. employees of the CIA were killed in El Salvador when their plane crashed.
by agnostic
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Tune in to NBC now for Keith Olbermann =^D, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Al Michaels, and Cris Collinsworth broadcasting tonight's game. CHICAGO BEARS (3-1) vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-1)
by YoungChicagoDemocrat
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Today I am stuck in Ha Noi, Viet Nam a humid, smoky city in early autumn as rice paddies surrounding the city are undergoing their end of season burn-off. I am in Viet Nam working on ...
by Norwegian Chef
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This is another in a series of distraction diaries. The recent ones have been focused on the results of a recent vacation to the land of giant halibut, huge brown bears, and loony and corrupt ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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This is the second in a short series of photo diaries of photographs from my recent trip to Alaska. This diary is meant as a brief distraction from struggles of the day. I hope you enjoy this ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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Aloha all. This is another in a series of distraction diaries meant to provide a brief respite from the struggles of the day. This time we travel far to the north of my usual haunts. I recently ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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I have to admit that I am new to this whole Twitter thing. I've barely put out more than a half-dozen tweets. But my guilty pleasure is reading that nonesense the comes out the Twitterberry of ...
by RandySF
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This will be short, but I wanted to share. We've lived in the rural mountains of Western North Carolina for seventeen years and have seen our share of bears roaming through the yard, crossing back ...
by randallt
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